Alchemy Stars Calculator and Beginners Guide for New Players

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          A Comprehensive Guide to the Alchemy Stars Calculator

          To delve into the depths of the fascinating game world of Alchemy Stars, one requires not just a strategic mind but also a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics. That’s where the Alchemy Stars Calculator steps into the picture, an innovative tool designed to ease your game progression. Undoubtedly, this tool’s efficacy lies in its ability to optimize your gaming experience by providing insights into key performance metrics and decisions. Hence, in this article, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of the Alchemy Stars Calculator.

          Understanding the Alchemy Stars Calculator

          In its essence, the Alchemy Stars Calculator is a highly sophisticated tool that aids players in managing and tracking their game progression. It deciphers complex gameplay algorithms, quantifies them, and presents them in a simple and comprehendible manner. Therefore, it takes the guesswork out of the equation, and allows players to make informed decisions.

          Noteworthy Features of the Alchemy Stars Calculator

          1. Character Strength Assessment

          The Alchemy Stars Calculator assists players in assessing the relative strength of their characters. By providing a numerical representation of each character’s abilities, it assists in determining who should be part of the active roster and who should remain on the bench. This feature is especially critical given the vast array of characters available in the game.

          2. Ascension Planning

          The calculator also plays a pivotal role in Ascension planning. Ascension, in Alchemy Stars, refers to enhancing your characters’ strength by leveling them up. The Calculator, in this context, provides data on the materials and resources needed for ascension, helping players strategize and plan their ascension journey effectively.

          3. Battle Optimization

          Arguably one of the most impressive features of the Alchemy Stars Calculator is battle optimization. It offers a range of combat parameters that aid in strategizing for battles, such as damage per second (DPS) ratios, healing output, and enemy weakness exploitation. With such information at your disposal, the calculator can potentially turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

          Utilizing the Alchemy Stars Calculator

          Operating the Alchemy Stars Calculator is a walk in the park, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Here’s a simple guide on how to use it:

          Step Process
          1 Enter your character data (level, ascension, etc.)
          2 Select the parameters you want to assess (DPS, healing, etc.)
          3 Click on ‘Calculate’
          4 Analyze the output data for decision making

          Embarking on the Journey: Alchemy Stars for Beginners

          In the realm of mobile gaming, a new prodigy has emerged, christened Alchemy Stars. This innovative turn-based strategy RPG hails from the illustrious house of Proxima Beta, the creators of phenomenally successful games like PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Chess Rush. With over half a million downloads within the inaugural month of release, Alchemy Stars is poised to possibly outshine its predecessors.

          Not Your Average Strategy Game

          At first glance, Alchemy Stars may be mistaken for another addition to the plentiful turn-based strategy games in the mobile gaming industry. However, its distinct approach both in design and gameplay mechanics deviates from the typical games in the subgenre. The game brings forth a novel, yet familiar perspective, promising a unique gaming experience for both novices and veterans alike. Its immersive storyline and unforgettable character designs are merely the tip of the gaming iceberg.

          A Tale of Magic, Technology, and Hope

          Welcome to Astra, a world resplendent with magic and technology. Dark creatures called Eclipsites have nearly obliterated all Caelestrites, leaving you as the last hope for your race. Your mission? Annihilate the Eclipsites and restore light to Astra. Thankfully, you are not alone. Your journey will be accompanied by the Aurorians, your steadfast allies who will support you at every juncture.

          Alchemy Stars Calculator and Beginners Guide for New Players

          Unique Concepts and Mechanics

          What sets Alchemy Stars apart is its unique set of concepts and gameplay mechanics. These are meticulously crafted to level the playing field for all players, regardless of their experience in the genre. To further enhance understanding and progress, the game includes a comprehensive tutorial that players are encouraged to pay close attention to. The game’s difficulty increases steadily, ensuring that all players get a fair chance at success before encountering more challenging obstacles.

          Mastering the Game: Alchemy Stars

          Mastering Alchemy Stars requires more than just an understanding of the game mechanics. Players must delve into a broad mix of strategies that include team building and thorough analysis for each unique challenge. If you are just beginning your journey in Alchemy Stars and need a head start, our beginner’s guide has everything you need to assemble a formidable team and crush your foes!

          Secure the Best Characters: Master the Art of Rerolling

          Alchemy Stars boasts an impressive array of unique characters, each equipped with distinct talents and skills. There’s no denying the thrill of assembling your team using heroes acquired through gacha pulls, even without resorting to any guide. However, despite the perceived equilibrium among all characters in a strategy RPG, some inevitably eclipse others.

          This balance often extends to characters of the same grade. Given that units in Alchemy Stars range from 3 to 6 stars, it’s a reasonable assumption that the 6-star characters represent the crème de la crème.

          Luck of the Draw and the Element of Unpredictability

          The inherent randomness of the gacha system makes it uncertain as to which heroes will join your ranks at the start of your journey. This unpredictability can significantly influence your performance throughout your adventure, prompting seasoned players to nudge luck in their favor whenever possible. Luckily, many gacha-focused strategy RPGs, including Alchemy Stars, offer a method for this via rerolling.

          For those new to strategy RPGs, rerolling refers to the practice of restarting your adventure multiple times to optimize your initial gacha pulls. Most games grant enough resources for one or more 10x gacha pulls early on, so not securing your desired heroes at this stage isn’t game-ending. You can always reset everything and try again.

          It’s important to underscore that rerolling isn’t essential, and you can continue your journey regardless of your initial pulls. However, bear in mind that the resources required for gacha pulls may be harder to come by beyond the starting point, and lady luck may not always be on your side.

          The Rerolling Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

          For players willing to dedicate time and effort to rerolling in hopes of securing the best possible starting roster, follow these steps:

          Alchemy Stars requires you to sign in before starting your adventure, which adds a layer of complexity to rerolling. Yet, there’s a workaround for this that requires a bit of extra effort. Since you can only start playing after linking your game to a Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter account, having additional accounts offers an extra attempt for your reroll.

          The tutorial guides you through a series of battles, introducing basic concepts and strategies. In some instances, you will be directed to the main screen to explore other contents and features. When you’re free to click on anything on the main screen, head to the mail first. Alchemy Stars provides a plethora of welcome gifts and pre-registration rewards, often including the special currencies needed to recruit units.

          With the premium currency, Lumocrystals, you can purchase star flares from the Beginner Banner. Each star flare costs 300 Lumocrystals.

          While gacha pulls can result in 3-star units (the most common) up to 6-star units, your target should be to secure a 6-star unit or two. Truly, it would be a stroke of luck to snag one, excluding the guaranteed 6-star pulls such as the 21st beginner banner pull. To maximize the benefit of rerolls, aim to acquire Sharona, Charon, or Migard from the Mainstay Banner recruitment, each with a 2% chance of obtainment.

          If you’re satisfied with your pulls, proceed with your adventure without hesitation. If not, it’s time to abandon that account and start afresh. To do this, click on the gear icon on the home screen’s left side, navigate to the system settings tab, and select the “Sign Out” button. Now, you can sign in with a different account and revisit the initial tutorial session until you reach the reroll point.

          Master Your Team Composition: Strategic Deployment of Aurorians

          Alchemy Stars is populated with a plethora of Aurorians to recruit, each sporting a unique skill set, talents, and captivating aesthetics. Consequently, determining who to include in your primary team can be a challenging endeavor.

          A full formation in Alchemy Stars comprises five units, with the first serving as the captain. While a unit’s inherent star grade naturally weighs in due to their superior abilities and stats, rarity isn’t the sole determinant in team building.

          Alchemy Stars Calculator and Beginners Guide for New Players

          Striking a Balance between Rarity, Synergy, and Elemental Affinity

          Naturally, you’d prefer to have as many 5 and 6-star units on your team as possible. However, it’s equally likely that your high-ranking units may not synergize well together, potentially rendering a team of high-star units less effective.

          When crafting your team, consider not just each character’s rarity and individual skills, but also their role and elemental affinity (color). Characters come in four distinct roles and belong to one of four different elements. Striking a balance of these roles in your team is crucial.

          Given the distinct colored tiles in every level and the inherent movement limitations (characters can only move within their color), it might be preferable to focus your team on a specific element.

          Roles and Elemental Damage Bonuses

          The four unique character roles include two types of damage-dealers: snipers and detonators. Snipers usually have a longer attack reach, while detonators’ attacks are typically limited to immediate surrounding clusters or a slightly larger area of effect (AoE).

          Support units, another role, provide a variety of skill effects. They are not confined to health restoration; they can also reduce damage taken by team members or provoke enemy units. The final role, the converters, are essential for changing the color of tiles on the stage to match theirs, increasing the ground your team can cover.

          The game’s elemental affinities are water (blue), fire (red), forest (green), and thunder (yellow). Alchemy Stars employs the classic “rock-paper-scissors” approach to elemental damage bonuses: water beats fire, fire beats forest, forest beats thunder, and thunder beats water.

          Since having a full team of units with the same elemental affinity can be disadvantageous against a team of units with a superior element, it’s prudent to have a fifth team member strong against the element that the other four members are weak against, serving as a form of insurance.

          However, be aware that unit enhancement materials vary based on their elemental affinity, making it slightly more challenging to focus on a team with the same element due to similar resource requirements.

          A Recommended Setup

          Considering the above, a suggested team setup is two damage-dealers, two converters, and one support unit. Regarding elemental affinity, the second damage-dealer should ideally belong to a different element. For instance, if four of your team members are from the water element group (weak against thunder), your fifth member (the second damage-dealer) should belong to the forest group.

          As you progress in your adventure and recruit more units, swapping characters will become inevitable. Ensure that you maintain a balance within your team in terms of character classes and elemental affinities.