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Alchemy Stars Tier List: An Exhaustive Examination of the 6-Star C-Tier Characters

Alchemy Stars is a captivating turn-based gacha game, brought into existence by Tourdog Studio and unveiled by Tencent Games. The mechanics of the game are deceptively simple: your team occupies a tile and follows lines of similarly colored tiles, attacking adversaries as they cross paths. However, this superficial simplicity gives way to a variety of intricate strategies that can be deployed, making it an engaging and cerebral challenge.

Elements such as the Chain Combo system enable your teammates to wield special abilities if they traverse their tile color for a specific distance. Moreover, there’s a plethora of enemy types, strategic use of tile painting teammates, and numerous other aspects to consider and keep an eye on.

Emphasizing Aesthetics and Strategy Over Competition

Blessed with captivating artwork and the absence of a Player versus Player (PVP) component, Alchemy Stars is an epitome of the ancient battle cry: “Waifu over meta!” This ethos is even more pervasive here than in other gacha games such as Azur Lane and Arknights. Nonetheless, it remains beneficial to be aware of the stronger characters, regardless of who your personal favorite might be.

A pivotal tip to keep in mind while playing Alchemy Stars is that often, you’ll find yourself structuring your squad around one of the tile-painting Converters. Hence, these characters are invariably high on tier lists, making them a strategic asset to be considered while making your game plans.

C-Tier Characters Overview

Areia: The Green/Blue, Detonator, Self-Buffer

Areia, a green/blue detonator, is a character that requires an intricate handling strategy. Her Active Skill provides an ATK buff ranging from 20-25% for one round, which can be deemed beneficial until you consider the subsequent round where her strength and defence take a substantial 50% hit. Her ascensions, however, make her immune to these ATK and DEF reductions when her buff is in action. This immunity is particularly useful in situations where she is under attack from debuffers, as she experiences debuffs in every round where her skill is not used.

With a regular small Area of Effect (AOE) Chain Combo, her attack range extends from a 9 tile square to a 25 tile square, inflicting 160-170% damage. Her Spectral Moon Sword allows her regular attacks to also hit the tile behind her target, delivering 100% damage. The 50% general reduction is, undeniably, a challenging obstacle to overcome.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

Mythos: The Green, Linear AOE, Single-Target Damage Dealer

Mythos, a linear damage dealer, has limited opportunities for enhancements. Her Active Skill, which has a single level, allows her to use all her Vis (with a minimum of 10) to strike a line of targets in any chosen direction. The damage inflicted amplifies as more Vis is expended, with an increase of 8% per Vis spent. Charging this requires using her Chain Combo, which only hits one target but offers escalating Vis and damage the further she moves, up to a maximum of 3 Vis.

The damage ranges from 210-260%, but each saved Vis adds a 1% chance to inflict an additional 50% damage per 10-tile walk, with a minimum chance of 30%. Her Interceptor Staff provides her with 5 Vis at the start of every round, and after 3 Breakthroughs, she gains an additional 1 Vis for her initial normal attack for the round, adding an extra 100% damage. Despite her star level, her capabilities are satisfactory rather than extraordinary.

Requiem: Yellow, Detonator, Map-Wide and AOE Damage Dealer

Requiem is a Vis user, whose Active Skill inflicts damage to the entire map using her entire Vis supply (minimum of 10). Every additional Vis beyond 10 grants this skill a bonus of 15% damage. With 6 Breakthroughs, this skill overlooks 1% of the enemy’s defense. Requiem’s Chain Combo attack is a superior version of the typical small-AOE: it inflicts 160-180% damage, and if it manages to hit anything, the enemy furthest from her is struck by a lightning bolt, delivering the same damage.

Her lance, the Banner of Discipline, provides her with 5 Vis at the start of every round, and her normal attacks have a 30% chance to target the enemy furthest from her. After 3 Breakthroughs, she gains 2 Vis for every enemy she defeats with her Active Skill.

Uriel: The Red, Converter, Column Burn, Buffer

Uriel can be a crucial part of an all-red team, but she also offers assistance to other colors when the tile composition is unfavorable. By resetting all the tiles in the map, Uriel provides an opportunity to improve your battlefield. She has a probability of generating red tiles and will transform at least one enemy tile into red. Her Chain Combo attack has the typical column pattern, extending 1-3 columns and inflicting 130-140% damage, but with an added burning effect that can stack up to 5 times and lasts 2 rounds.

When equipped with her Ring of Fire, it’s best to incorporate Uriel in an all-red team. The Ring of Fire enables her to passively burn enemies on red tiles, and each stack of Burn active on the field boosts her fellow fire unit’s damage by 1. This makes her a significant threat in dense battles with numerous enemies.

Wrath: The Yellow/Red, Sniper, Artillery

Wrath is a fairly straightforward character to use, although her hitting power is not particularly high. Her Chain Combo targets up to 3 enemies closest to her and hurls 4 tile cross splash damage attacks, dealing 110-120% damage in the center and 30-50% splash damage depending on Breakthroughs. After reaching Ascension 2, the splash pattern changes from a cross to a square when she uses her Active Skill, enabling diagonal hits as well. Her Active Skill, Overload, causes her Chain combo to hit the nearest enemy twice for two rounds.

Upon acquiring her Red Baron and Ace gloves, Wrath can begin storing bullets, which allow her to enhance the final damage of her Chain Combo by 30% when used. She can reserve bullets by starting the round, earn 2 bullets for using her Active Skill, and gain another bullet each time a Fire or Thunder unit unleashes their Actives. This mechanism can transform her rather lackluster Chain attack into a significantly more formidable one.

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