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Alchemy Stars Tier List: An Unfolding Chronicle of 6 Star A-Tier Characters

Alchemy Stars, a tactical turn-based gacha game, is a delightful creation of Tourdog Studio and launched by the prominent Tencent Games. A fascinating game where your team hovers over a tile, moving along the path of vibrant-colored tiles, attacking the approaching enemies. The simplicity of the game turns into intriguing complexity with the introduction of aspects such as the Chain Combo system, diverse enemy types, strategic exploitation of tile-painting teammates, and numerous other elements to keep an eye on.

An In-Depth Review of A-Tier Characters

Connolly: The Blue/Green, Detonator, Map-Range Nuker

Connolly, a reticent Blue-Green girl, conceals her preference behind her Red and black outfit. Despite her inclination towards her clarinet, her Active Skill manifests a power to inflict 250-300% damage on the entire game screen. On the downside, her Chain ability seems slightly unsatisfactory, causing 155-165% damage to a set of adversaries around her. The number of targeted enemies ranges from 2 and can reach up to 4 depending on the length of her wander.

She compensates for this by using her gear to boost her Active Skill. The Chain combos assist her in obtaining stacks of Shiver Marks, maxing out at 5. These Shiver Marks not only augment the potency of her Active Skill but also instill fear in as many targets as her Shiver Marks when she unleashes her formidable nuclear toot.

Eve: Yellow/Red, Detonator, Single Target Damage, Long-Range, Spam-Encouragement

Eve is a highly concentrated single-target annihilator. Her primary skill enables her to obliterate a single enemy by relentlessly bombarding the closest target with a staggering 20 blows, each causing 50% damage at the maximum level.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

If the target succumbs in the process, the remaining hits are carried over to the subsequent unlucky target. Her Chain combos exhibit an exceptional range starting from a plus-shaped attack and culminating into an asterisk-shaped one that can reach the board’s edge.

Upon acquisition of her Eye Of The Storm power fist, every tenth blow from any form of attack by your squad will also hit the nearest enemy inflicting 100% damage. Despite her merits, the 4 turn cooldown of her Active Skill and distance-based targeting render her somewhat challenging to use. Nevertheless, it’s important not to squander her Active on insignificant targets, despite her switching targets mid-attack.

Hiiro: Green/Yellow, Converter, AOE Damage

Hiiro, a Green/Yellow character, has a misleading fondness for pink and Red hues, which is evident in her Active Skill known as Crimson Sakura. This unique skill enables you to select 2 tiles and color them green while strengthening them into enhanced tiles. This also triggers a map-range cross AOE attack on each tile, inflicting 200-240% damage on enemies in the vicinity.

You can employ this skill either to construct an improved walking pattern or to target any enemies strategically located in a convenient line – or even better, both.

Her Chain Combo is a standard small AOE attack, extending from a 1 tile range to a 2 tile range, inflicting damage ranging from 160-170%. With her sword, Katana: Sakae, she enters a Duel stance at the beginning of each round. Her subsequent normal attack splashes a 4 tile cross causing 160% direct damage and 80% splash damage, optimally utilized against densely packed enemies.

Jona: Red/Yellow, Heavy Damage, Self-Buffer

Jona, a straightforward gunslinger, enhances herself with her High Noon skill, bolstering her normal attacks by 15% and her Chain combos by 30%. It also reduces the tiles she and other Red Aurorians (when ascended) need to traverse for her Chain combo by 2.

Her Chain combo delivers 155-175% damage to 3-4 enemies, with the range increasing depending on the number of tiles she crosses. Upon acquiring her Revolvers, her normal attacks initiate 50% splash damage to 4 tiles in a plus around her target while using High Noon, and an extra 20% damage to the initial target with 2 Ascensions.

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