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Alchemy Stars Tier List: The Comprehensive Guide to 6 Star S Tier Characters

Alchemy Stars: A Dynamic Blend of Strategy and Luck

In the galaxy of gaming, there’s a vibrant star named Alchemy Stars. This game, a tactical turn-based creation by Tourdog Studio, radiates a magnetic charm that draws players in. Distributed by Tencent Games, Alchemy Stars boasts a riveting strategy game mechanism.

In the gameplay, your team occupies a tile, navigating across colored tiles while launching assaults on adversaries. The introduction of the Chain Combo system adds another layer of complexity to the game. By traversing their tile color for a specific distance, your team members can employ special abilities. This alongside managing various enemy types, strategic tile painting, and myriad other factors demand keen attention.

Further embellished with stunning visuals and sans a PVP component, Alchemy Stars echoes the ancient adage “Waifu over meta!” with full vigor. This makes the game stand out, even in comparison to other popular gacha games like Azur Lane and Arknights. Yet, identifying the stronger characters, irrespective of personal favorites, is invaluable. Here’s a crucial tip: your team will often revolve around one of the tile-painting Converters, making them prime picks on most lists.

The S Tier Characters

1. Sinsa

Classification: Red/Yellow, Detonator, Cone AOE Damage, AOE Damage

Sinsa, a remarkable wrecker with an unconventional Active Skill, enables him to propel a cone of damage in a single cardinal direction stretching to the map’s edge. The damage approximates to 180-200%, increasing as the distance to the target decreases, effectively punishing enemies in close quarters.

Strategic advancements like his 2 Ascensions skill allow Sinsa to cast a range of two squares. This maneuver aids players in repositioning for more advantageous attacks. His Chain attack transitions from a 12 tile diamond to a map-spanning asterisk, inflicting 160-165% damage. Once Sinsa acquires his Rediesel Wrench, he can launch diagonal attacks.

A collection of five Shatter stacks, each coupled with a defense reduction, based on 5% of Sinsa’s defense, persists for a round. With 3 Ascensions, Active and Chain Combos can trigger Shatter. Sinsa is a formidable opponent for any enemy within his vicinity.

2. Raphael

Classification: Blue, Support, Healer, Tile Reset, Tile Painter, Column Damage

Raphael, though simple in her healing strategy, is by no means ineffective. Her Active Skill recovers the team’s HP by 200% of her ATK and resets every non-blue tile on the map (or within a three-tile range if not ascended).

As Raphael achieves 3 Breakthroughs, she gains a slight chance to generate Blue tiles. Her Chain Combo mirrors the standard columnar attack, starting at a 1 tile to three tiles width, with damage ranging from 125-140% based on the combo walk’s length.

Upon acquiring her Pillar of Benediction, each Blue tile she paints boosts the team’s HP by 1.5% of Raphael’s own HP. This bonus can scale up to 100% depending on her teammates’ health status. A brilliant fit for a full Blue team, remember to account for her 4-round cooldown and supplement her with a reliable Blue tile painter due to the unpredictability of her tile painting.

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3. Irridon

Classification: Yellow/Blue, Tile Painter, AOE Damage

Irridon is a tile painter with some splash effect. She can transform any two tiles on the map into Yellow Prism Tiles, which generate 2 Yellow Tiles in their connecting direction when walked on. After 3 Breakthroughs, these become enhanced Prism Tiles, doubling the regular connection damage.

Once she possesses her Lucent Staff and Bestowed Blade, every Prism Tile she traverses grants her a Gold Marsh Mark. Each mark enhances her Chain combo damage by 5%. With maximum Ascension, she also adds 3% to her regular attacks and turns the starting tile into a Prism Tile during Aurora Time. Given Prism Tiles’ flexible path creation, she significantly aids in extending Chains.

4. Michael

Classification: Yellow, “Teleportation”, Linear/Diagonal Damage, AOE Damage

Michael, a potent character, rather than teleporting, barrels through opponents with a blatant disregard for the game’s tile-walking rules. Her Active Skill facilitates her movement to any location on the map, dealing a massive 320% damage to anything in her path and adjacent to it.

Upon achieving Breakthrough 6, this counts as regular walking, allowing her to cast her Chain Combo. Her Chain Combo triggers a standard AOE for 160-170% damage, with the AOE growing based on her combo walk’s length. With the Blade of Reticence, she gets a Silent Thunder Mark each turn, which when used during a regular attack, deals additional damage equivalent to 2.5% of the enemy’s current HP.

5. Frostfire

Classification: Fire, Sniper, Artillery, Late-Game Spam

Frostfire epitomizes a tactical snowball in action. Her Active Skill charges through her Chain Combo. She targets three nearby opponents with 180% damage during her Chain combo skill, earning 1 Vis per target. Her Active Skill, costing 10 Vis, launches a fiery space rock inflicting 180% damage on a single tile and 50% splash damage on a 4-tile cross-shaped area.

Initially seeming feeble and slow, her Ember Laurel allows her to gradually ramp up her attacks as the game progresses. The ability gives her 5 Vis at the start of each round and for every enemy defeated by her meteor. As the game nears its end with numerous injured enemies, she can rapidly eliminate them one by one.

6. Eicy

Classification: Red/Blue, Converter, Tile Painter, Anti-Tank, Lifesteal

Eicy, sporting a stylish eyepatch to regulate her powers, ensures she doesn’t obliterate enemies with a mere glance. Her Active Skill repaints the nearest Blue or Green tiles Red, making her an essential component of a predominantly Red team.

Even though she paints only 4-5 tiles at a time (plus one if she abstains from using this skill for a round), the short 2-turn cooldown allows her to flood any non-Yellow floor in Red swiftly. Her Chain combo targets two opponents from 2-3 nearby clusters, dealing 170-190% damage based on her walk length.

Despite the drawback of random targeting compared to pure AOE Chains, her attack delivers a powerful blow. Her equipment grants her the ability to turn Hollow every three rounds, enabling her Chain Combo to bypass defense and steal HP from the enemy. Her quick-draw Active skill makes her a valuable asset for any high-star Red team.

7. Sharona

Classification: Blue/Red, Detonator, Cross AOE, Teleporter

Sharona, an exceedingly dangerous teleporting bomb, uses her Active Skill to teleport and douse every enemy within a 25 tile square for a staggering 300% damage. As she ascends, she gains 2 stacks of Dragontooth Marks and applies these to enemies if they are defeated by her splash teleport, resulting in additional damage.

Her Chain Combo demands some precision but delivers potent damage, starting with an 8 tile cross (2 tiles range), and concluding with a map-spanning cross, causing collateral damage to any nearby enemy. The damage scales from 160-170% based on her combo walk. Her Katana: Azure Flame not only allows her to stack up Dragon Tooth Marks with regular attacks, but it also enhances her Chain Combo damage by 5% per mark. Sharona is a simple, hard-hitting, and entertaining character to play.

8. Gabriel

Classification: Green, AOE, Tile Painter, Tile Enhancer, Chain Spammer

Gabriel represents an anomaly, with her tile painting target determined by color. Her Active Skill can convert all tiles of a selected color, barring Green, to another color, ideally Green or one matching the surrounding tiles. Though seemingly random, a successful roll can turn the tide of battle.

On full Ascension, Gabriel creates an enhanced tile for every ten tiles she paints, a feat achieved rather quickly. Her Chain Combo costs between 2-12 tiles and has a sizable 25 square AOE when maximized, inflicting 165% damage. Her Frostlight Orb permits her to create an enhanced tile for every six Green tiles she crosses in a single round, prioritizing Green tiles at max Ascension. Even with bad luck, her talent for enhancing tiles helps you make the best out of a dire situation.

9. Charon

Classification: Red/Green, Detonator, Linear Damage, Tile Reset

Charon is a Red and Green, train-loving character with impressive hair. His Active Skill hurls a 300% damage railroad catastrophe at a three-tile-wide line and pushes enemies back. The central line receives 1.5x damage, and all non-Red tiles along the AOE are reset.

Once fully developed, this skill also has a chance to generate Red tiles. His Chain Combo, while lacking in AOE compared to more devastating abilities, delivers a steady 160-165% damage and is activated after only a two-tile walk. His equipment adds a percentage of ATK as defense-ignoring damage, allowing him to take down tanks. Charon is a reliable damage dealer provided the floor is even slightly Red.

10. Carleen

Classification: Blue, Converter, Teleportation, Columnar Damage, Tile Painter

Carleen, a teleporting Blue unit, possesses an ability to move your squad to any location within her range. She inflicts damage to a column while converting it to Blue. With her gear, traversing Blue tiles boosts her strength, with each tile increasing her ATK by a small percentage for the round.

The combination of her tile painting ability and the ATK boost provided by these tiles quickly amounts to substantial damage output. However, remember her 4-3 turn cooldown. Carleen can be used to establish or reach a beneficial attack position. If you find yourself cornered, use her to either get within range of a good color path, create a color path, or close in on an enemy you want to eliminate.

11. Migard

Classification: Green/Red, Medium-range Teleport Spam, AOE Damage, Multi-Target Damage, Bullying

Migard possesses a quick-charging teleport with a three-tile range. If she teleports adjacent to any enemies, they all receive a hefty 250% damage. If only one target is hit, the damage is doubled. After attaining maximum Breakthroughs and Ascensions, the final damage increases by 15% for each enemy killed, and the skill cooldown is instantly reset if a target is killed. In a target-rich environment, this results in rapid, anime-style teleport spam.

You can use this either to eliminate a single target or disrupt a dense crowd. Her Chain combo starts at 4 tiles and ends at 13, dealing 165-180% damage to 3-4 targets with increasing range the further she walks. However, it may be challenging to execute if the tile pattern is tight.

When Migard gets her Spinal Blade, she can bully near-dead (down to 30% HP) enemies, striking an additional time with 100% damage when using a Chain Combo or Active Skill. To further ensure a nearly certain kill, a target who survives this attack with less HP than Migard’s ATK stat is eliminated instantly.

12. Gronru

Classification: Yellow/Green, Converter, Tile Painter, Column AOE, Disabler

Gronru, a valuable asset for any Yellow team, can turn 4-5 of the nearest Blue and Red Tiles to Yellow depending on the Breakthrough level, adding another tile if the Active Skill is saved for a round. Her Chain Combo deals 130-140% damage to a maximum of three columns depending on how far she walks.

Once she gets her Steel Fist and Mecha Throne, her Chain Combo can pick an unfortunate enemy in her AOE and deal an extra 50% damage to them, and in later Ascensions, can inflict paralysis and has a 50% chance to hit a second victim.

13. Nikinis

Classification: Green/Blue, Converter, Tile Painter, Row Damage

Nikinis, a tile-painter who works excellently in a Green team, can turn the 5 nearest Red or Yellow tiles into Green tiles at maximum Ascensions and Breakthroughs, with a chance to generate a maximum of 2 enhanced tiles. If the skill is unused for a round, an extra tile gets painted too.

Her Chain Combo starts weak, dealing 135% damage to only one row, but as she walks further, this adds up to 3 rows, covering a respectable portion of the map for 145% damage. Her Northland and Lake Mirror grant her the Mirror Mark, which provides an extra 100% Defense for the first hit she takes during a battle. When Ascended, this mark recharges every time she uses an Active Skill. Bring her in a Green team to add some resilience to their ranks.

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