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Cyclic Discoveries: Alchemy Stars Mainstay and Rotating Recruitment

Enduring Stars Recruitment, nestled at the heart of Alchemy Stars, is a permanent recruitment banner with no expiration date. It is essentially the gateway through which Star Flares are exchanged for the opportunity to welcome fresh Aurorians into the fold. Notably, once an Aurorian makes their debut via a limited recruitment banner, they’re consequently incorporated into the Mainstay Recruitment pool.

Navigating Through the Waves of Fortune: The Pity System

The Pity System in Alchemy Stars is a unique aspect designed to heighten your chances of obtaining coveted 6-Star Aurorians. To begin with, the base likelihood of acquiring a 6-Star Aurorian from this recruitment is 2%. However, the tides of luck can ebb and flow. If you experience a dry spell, enduring 50 consecutive unsuccessful recruitments, the system throws you a lifeline. The odds of securing a 6-Star Aurorian on your next recruitment surge from a mere 2% to a promising 4.5%.

Should your next recruitment attempt not yield a 6-Star Aurorian, the system lends a hand again, boosting your next attempt’s success rate from 4.5% to a tantalizing 7%. This pattern continues, with the probability incrementing by 2.5% with each unsuccessful attempt, until it eventually hits a guaranteed 100%.

Upon successfully recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian, the system resets, returning the probability of acquiring another 6-Star Aurorian to its initial 2%.

It’s critical to note, however, that the Mainstay Recruitment’s 6-Star Aurorian probability boost operates independently of boosts obtained from limited-time recruitments. To illustrate, if the odds of recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian via the Mainstay Recruitment escalates to 7%, this increase won’t apply to any limited-time recruitment, and vice versa.

From Duplication to Conversion: Aurorian Conversion Info

In Alchemy Stars, every Aurorian holds value, whether they’re new or a familiar face. Regardless of how you procure Aurorians (via recruitment, store redemption, or giveaways), any duplicates are set to be converted, ensuring no character is redundant.

When it comes to 6-Star Aurorians, each time you acquire a duplicate, the character undergoes conversion to yield 1 Solamber specific to that character, supplemented with 200 universal Heartstones and 20 Stellar Gems.

Similarly, duplicate 5-Star Aurorians convert into 1 Solamber specific to that character, accompanied by 100 universal Heartstones and 5 Stellar Gems.

For 4-Star Aurorians, each duplicate character morphs into 1 Solamber specific to that character, along with 50 universal Heartstones and 25 Star Gems.

Lastly, for 3-Star Aurorians, every duplicate character gets converted into 50 universal Heartstones and 10 Star Gems. In essence, every Aurorian carries inherent worth, adding depth and diversity to your Alchemy Stars experience.

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Alchemy Stars Rotating Recruitment

The landscape of Alchemy Stars is never static, but continually evolving, embodied most prominently through the periodic opening of Rotating Recruitment. This process welcomes Star Flares as a means for recruitment, guaranteeing a 5-Star Aurorian within the initial 10 attempts following an update.

The Ebb and Flow of Chances: Rotating Recruitment Pity System

The Pity System is a constant across all forms of recruitment within Alchemy Stars. When you step into the realm of Rotating Recruitment, the probability of attaining a 6-Star Aurorian is set at 2% initially. This rate escalates progressively if fortune doesn’t favor you. Specifically, after 50 unsuccessful recruitment attempts in a row, the chances of a 6-Star Aurorian appearing in your next recruitment bid doubles to 4.5%.

With each unsuccessful recruitment attempt thereafter, the odds enhance, incrementing by 2.5% each time, and ultimately reaching the peak probability of 100%. Once you’ve successfully recruited a 6-Star Aurorian, the odds reset to the original 2%.

These rules are applied uniformly across all rotating recruitments. This uniformity means that your accumulated probability from unsuccessful attempts doesn’t dissipate at the conclusion of the recruitment phase. Instead, it rolls over to the next recruitment cycle, strengthening your odds. If there are multiple rotating recruitments in play simultaneously, your accumulated probability contributes to all of them collectively. When you finally recruit a 6-Star Aurorian from any of the cycles, the probability across all recruitments resets to 2%.

A Silver Lining: The Guarantee Mechanism

The dynamics of the rotating recruitment are nuanced, extending beyond mere chance. The recruitment system features a guarantee mechanism to counterbalance the ebb and flow of luck. Essentially, if you recruit a 6-Star Aurorian twice consecutively without it being the one with an increased probability in the current recruitment, the system intervenes. The next 6-Star Aurorian you recruit will be the one with the increased probability.

This guarantee mechanism resets each time you recruit a 6-Star Aurorian with increased odds. Importantly, the guarantee mechanism’s accumulated probability isn’t erased at the end of a recruitment cycle, but instead transfers to the next. If multiple recruitments are ongoing simultaneously, they share this guarantee mechanism. When the guarantee mechanism is triggered, the recruited 6-Star Aurorian will be determined based on the attempted recruitment.

However, it’s essential to note that the increased probability and guarantee mechanism of rotating recruitment function independently from other recruitment types. Both probability increases and guarantee mechanisms are strictly tied to their respective recruitment pools.

Increasing Your Odds: Aurorian Obtaining Chance Info

During the Rotating Recruitment period, the odds of recruiting the highlighted Aurorians enhance significantly. Specifically, there is a 50% chance that the recruited Aurorian will be the featured 6-Star Aurorian. Additionally, there is a 25% chance of recruiting any of the other showcased 5-Star Aurorians, emphasizing the dynamic and rewarding nature of the Rotating Recruitment process.

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