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Deciphering Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Review of 6 Star B Tier Characters

In the complex world of Alchemy Stars, the 6-star Aurorians often steal the limelight. After all, they represent the ultimate goal in this game and planning for their acquisition is crucial for the lengthy grind that lies ahead.

The Power of Converters

Converters generally occupy the high tiers, as your team’s formation and strategy are primarily built around them. Their indispensability becomes apparent when you realize that they are usually the first ones you need to secure for your team.

The crucial role of converters is linked to their unique ability to paint tiles, thus dictating the success of the entire team. Without a proficient converter, the performance of all other characters on the team can dwindle, irrespective of their individual prowess. Consequently, the significance of converters can never be overstated.

Prioritizing the Main Element

Furthermore, the game dynamics of Alchemy Stars underscore the importance of prioritizing the main element. Sub-element attacks, despite their potential contributions, are typically weak and pale in comparison to the main element. As a result, focusing on the main element is usually the preferred strategic choice among players.

To sum up, both the pursuit of 6-star Aurorians and the emphasis on the main element reflect the game’s inherent need for long-term planning and strategy. The role of converters as the backbone of your team underscores their significance, while the focus on the main element enhances the game’s complexity, making Alchemy Stars a captivating journey for players.

Victoria: The Forbidden Healer

Victoria, a character belonging to the Red/Blue faction, serves multiple roles as a support, area of effect (AOE) damage dealer, and healer. As an adept of clandestine knowledge, Victoria embodies an assertive healing force. With the capability to target up to three adversaries within a three-tile radius (or the entire map at 6 breakthroughs), she inflicts a considerable 250% damage, which bypasses defense when only one target is within range. Furthermore, she restores her allies’ health by 25-35% of the inflicted damage, contingent on her breakthrough levels.

The optimal use of Victoria’s skill follows a Chain combo, enhancing damage proportional to the number of Bleeding stacks the enemy possesses, a condition inflicted by the Chain combo. The latter operates within a 12 tile diamond or within 2 tiles of herself, causing 160-180% damage and applying Bleeding stacks for 2 rounds. Victoria’s unique Black Tome ability enables her to siphon 5% of the enemy’s HP for each Bleeding stack, every time she strikes a bleeding foe with her Chain combo.

Regal: The Explosive Overlord

Regal, a character from the Blue faction, is a detonator and an AOE damage dealer. As a self-boosting damage dealer, Regal can expend 10 Vis to fortify both his standard and Chain combo attacks by 20%. This active skill also equips him with the capacity to launch diagonal attacks, thus reaching a broader enemy base. After achieving 3 breakthroughs, every enemy he eliminates while boosted rewards him with 2 Vis. Despite having a smaller AOE, his Chain Combo hits hard at 160-180% damage.

Once he acquires the Dark Casket greatsword, he gains 10 Vis at the beginning of the battle. If he ends the round without a buff, he earns an additional 5 Vis, with an extra 1 Vis added for every 20% of HP lost. At 6 breakthroughs, every enemy adjacent to him contributes 1 Vis each. Regal thrives on aggression, fearlessly plunging into enemy crowds.

An In-depth Review of 6 Star B Tier Characters

Fleur: The Relentless Marksman

Belonging to the Blue/Yellow faction, Fleur serves as a sniper, deathmarker, and artillery. His Active Skill enables him to single out an adversary, inflicting a massive 200-240% damage based on breakthroughs, marking them for further attacks. Fleur’s Chain Combo hits victims of his Active Skill twice, escalating the damage by 35% if saved for at least one round before use.

Apart from his ruthless targeting, his Chain Combo launches a normal multi-target splash, targeting two proximate enemies with a 145-180% damage attack, and applying 30-50% splash damage to any nearby enemies within a cross shape. Upon acquiring his Allen Wrench, his attacks increase by 6% against weakened enemies with less than 40-50% HP. While Fleur’s lack of expansive area attacks may position him low as a six-star, he can be particularly useful in boss fights.

Sariel: The Eccentric Combatant

Sariel, from the Blue/Green faction, is a converter, random tile painter, and random target damage dealer. Her Chain Combo randomly selects multiple targets, with the damage decreasing significantly for successive hits on the same target.

Sariel’s Active Skill enables her to convert the nearest 4-5 Red or Green tiles to Blue, potentially generating up to 2 enhanced tiles with Ascensions. Once she secures her Murky Wheel, she can stack Sariel Marks up to 8 times, thereby boosting her defense by 12% per stack. She loses half her stacks at the end of a round, so replenishing them frequently helps her absorb enemy blows. Her relatively poor Chain Combo, combined with an adequate painting skill, largely dictates her ranking.

Beryl: The Unpredictable Strategist

Beryl, representing the Red/Green faction, specializes in screen-cleaning and area denial. Her unique skill allows her to deal 250% damage to all enemies on the screen, with the damage intensity escalating when fewer enemies are present. Upon obtaining her equipment, her average AOE Chain Combo also disperses crystal mines when executing Chains.

These crystal mines ignore defense, dealing 40% of Beryl’s attack as damage. These are particularly effective when maneuvering into enemy attack positions during their turn phase, especially as the mines are deployed just before enemy movement.

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