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Decoding the Art of Battle in Alchemy Stars: A Comprehensive Combat Skill Guide

Delving into Attributes: The Building Blocks

In the vibrant realm of Alchemy Stars, attributes form an essential cornerstone. The game is built around four key attributes: Fire, Forest, Thunder, and Water. Each character, referred to as an Aurorian, is assigned a primary attribute. In the case of 5-star and 6-star Aurorians, there is an added twist: a secondary attribute, unlocked only upon their third Ascension.

Chain Combos, an intriguing game mechanic, come into play when an Aurorian links enough tiles corresponding to their element on the Alchemy Board. The sole exception to this rule is the Captain who can unleash their Chain Combo without this prerequisite. As a result, understanding and effectively managing these attributes becomes a critical part of the combat strategy, and therefore, it’s imperative to consider them when assembling your team, or in game terms, your Formation.

Counter Damage: The Tug of War

The principle of Counter Damage introduces an added layer of complexity to Alchemy Stars. Depending on an Aurorian’s attribute, their attacks can either be more or less effective against foes. This is illustrated by the counter circle (left), which provides a quick snapshot of the attribute strengths and weaknesses.

When an attribute has an advantage over another, it deals 120% of the standard damage to the opponents bearing the disadvantaged attribute. Conversely, attributes that are at a disadvantage inflict a reduced 80% of their regular damage against the adversaries with the advantageous attribute.

To illustrate, a Thunder Aurorian, when pitted against a Water enemy, can deliver 120% of their typical damage. However, the same Thunder Aurorian will only be able to cause 80% of their regular damage against a Forest enemy.

An added nuance comes in the form of Equipment Skills. By leveling up an Aurorian’s Equipment Skill, players can augment their attribute counter damage, providing an extra edge in the heat of the battle.

Understanding Character Classes: Choosing your Combat Role

Within the broad spectrum of Alchemy Stars, characters are further distinguished by their combat classes. These classes, namely Converter, Detonator, Sniper, and Support, each contribute distinct attributes, shaping the way you craft your team formations.

Converter: Masters of Manipulation

Converters hold a unique position in the game as they possess an Active Skill that enables tile color alteration. This color transformation plays a pivotal role in navigating your team across the grid, and potentially linking more tiles.

Converters can generally be sorted into three categories: general converters, who alter the color of a certain number of tiles; cross converters, who transform all tiles within a cross-shaped area from the point of Active Skill use; and tile resetters, who restore the original colors of the tiles on the Alchemy Board.

Many of these characters also offer unique Combat Mechanics that elevate their utility during skirmishes.

Detonator: Dealers of Destruction

Detonators, with their superior damage-dealing abilities, are the powerhouses of the team. These characters draw on their Active Skill or Chain Combo to inflict substantial damage. Given their combat prowess, it’s usually beneficial to include at least one Detonator in your team composition.

Several Detonators also come equipped with additional Combat Mechanics, providing them with enhanced battle effectiveness.

Sniper: Long-range Lethality

Snipers, with their ability to engage enemies from afar, provide strategic versatility to your team. Their proficiency in long-range attacks is showcased through their Active Skill or Chain Combo.

Like their counterparts, many Snipers also bring unique Combat Mechanics to the table, enriching their performance in combat scenarios.

Support: Providers of Aid

Support characters bring a diverse range of abilities to your team. They could function as healers, offering health restoration, or as strategists, providing buffs like Double Chain to your team. Some might even serve as disruptors, afflicting enemies with various debuffs such as Paralysis or Slow.

These characters often feature additional Combat Mechanics, enhancing their functionality in battle.

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Decoding the Captain’s Role: The Guiding Force

In the combat dynamics of Alchemy Stars, the role of the Captain is crucial. The Captain enjoys the privilege of launching Chain Combos and Normal Attacks irrespective of the tile color, offering a considerable tactical advantage. Moreover, Captains can also confer bonuses to their team based on their attributes. For instance, they can diminish damage from attributes they hold an advantage over, while conversely, they can amplify damage from attributes they are weak against. A deeper exploration of this aspect can be found in the Attributes section.

Assembling a team entails an automatic assignment of the Captain role to the first Aurorian in the formation. However, the game also allows a change of Captains during the course of a battle. Players can tap on the Captain icon (displayed next to the team’s Current State) to effect this change, with a maximum of three such switches permitted per battle. The remaining number of possible switches is indicated within the Captain icon.

In general, it is advisable to place your strongest damage dealer (often a Detonator) in the Captain slot. However, strategic necessities might dictate occasional switches to other characters—for instance, you might require the consistent ranged damage from a Sniper or additional Healing from an Aurorian whose Chain Combo offers healing effects.

Aurora Time: The Extra Mile

Aurora Time, another pivotal element of Alchemy Stars’ combat system, is activated by connecting 15 or more tiles on the Alchemy Board. This mechanic grants Aurorians an additional move in a single round.

Some Aurorians possess abilities that are uniquely triggered during Aurora Time, adding a layer of strategic depth to this mechanic.

Exploring Combat Mechanics: The Varied Arsenal

Alchemy Stars presents an assortment of Aurorians, each endowed with a myriad of beneficial combat mechanics. Below are listed some of the key categories of these mechanics, each providing unique strategies and options for battle:

  • Damage over Time (DoT): This category includes mechanics like Bleeding, Burn, and Poison, which steadily whittle away enemy health over a period.
  • Crowd Control: Mechanics such as Blind, Fright, Paralysis, Slow, and Stun fall under this category. They aid in manipulating enemy actions or movements.
  • Utility: This encompasses a variety of strategic mechanics like Double Chain, Heal, Knockback, Aggro, Shield, Teleport, Reset.
  • Other: This category includes the Splash mechanic, providing additional options for combat strategies.

Detailed lists of characters possessing these mechanics can be found in the respective sections.

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