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Deep Dive Into the Alchemy Stars Colossus Workshop

The Colossus Workshop, an integral part of the Alchemy Stars game, allows players to manufacture and store the much-needed Atomic Reagents. Moreover, these Atomic Reagents play a pivotal role in the transformation of materials. As the level of the workshop ascends, it not only offers increased storage capacity but also enables the smelting of premium quality materials.

It’s worth noting that certain Aurorians possess knowledge about the Atomic Reagent’s composition, which can be harnessed to reduce its consumption significantly.

Unraveling the Upgrade Costs

The progression of the Colossus Workshop entails distinct levels, each demanding specific resources and conferring various facility effects and deployment counts. The table below provides an in-depth overview of the upgrade costs and benefits associated with each level.

Level Resources Required Facility Effect Deployment Count
1 Firefly (30) Max. Atomic Reagent storage: 1200  Atomic Reagent Recovery per hour: 30 1
2 Colossus Patch I (40), Colossus Patch II (20), Firefly (90), Lumina (30)  Requires Bridge Level 2 Max. Atomic Reagent storage: 1350  Atomic Reagent Recovery per hour: 30? 1
3 Colossus Patch I (50), Colossus Patch II (40), Firefly (180), Lumina (30) Requires Bridge Level 3 Max. Atomic Reagent storage: 1500  Atomic Reagent Recovery per hour: 30<br/> Ability to craft advanced elemental ascension materials 2
4 Colossus Patch II (60), Colossus Patch III (20), Firefly (270), Lumina (40)  Requires Bridge Level 4 Max. Atomic Reagent storage: 1650 Ability to craft premium elemental ascension materials 2
5 Colossus Patch II (80), Colossus Patch III (50), Firefly (360), Lumina (30) Requires Bridge Level 5 Max. Atomic Reagent storage: 1800 3

The Art of Crafting Elemental Materials

The crafting process is designed in a way that rewards strategic play. When no Aurorians are deployed, smelting costs 20 Atomic Reagent. However, deploying one Aurorian reduces the cost to 19 Atomic Reagent, and deploying two cuts the cost further to 18 Atomic Reagent. This reduction is applied with each increment in the materials production count.

In terms of the actual crafting, each element – Water, Fire, Forest, and Thunder – has its unique recipes for creating Flare Silt, Crystal Shard, and Potion I. For instance, to create Water Flare Silt, you will need 2 Water Flare Powder, 1 Water Crystal Dust, and 1 Water Essence. Similarly, the creation of Fire Flare Silt demands 2 Fire Flare Powder, 1 Fire Crystal Dust, and 1 Fire Essence. The same applies to the Forest and Thunder elements.

This approach grants players the ability to strategize their resource use effectively, adding a deeper layer of tactical complexity to the game. The table above serves as a guide to navigate through these complexities and make the most out of your Alchemy Stars journey.

Advancing to Workshop Level 3 and Its Perks

At Workshop Level 3, crafting costs increase to 50 Atomic Reagent with no Aurorians deployed. However, deploying Aurorians can reduce this cost significantly — one deployment decreases it to 48 Atomic Reagent, and two deployments to 45 Atomic Reagent.

This level introduces the crafting of Flare Rock, Crystal, and Potion II for each element — Water, Fire, Forest, and Thunder. For instance, crafting a Water Flare Rock requires 2 Water Flare Silt, 1 Water Crystal Shard, and 1 Water Potion I. Each elemental category follows similar recipes.

Workshop Level 4: The Ascension Gate

Workshop Level 4 unlocks the ability to craft materials for Ascension 3. The smelting cost, understandably, is higher, standing at 150 Atomic Reagent with no Aurorians deployed. Deployment of Aurorians again provides a cost advantage, with one deployment reducing the cost to 143 Atomic Reagent and two deployments reducing it further to 135 Atomic Reagent.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

Flare Tile, Crystal Cluster, and Potion III can now be crafted for each element. To illustrate, crafting a Water Flare Tile will necessitate 2 Water Flare Rocks, 1 Water Crystal, and 1 Water Potion II.

The Conception of Faction Materials

In this intriguing aspect of the game, you can consume any Faction Materials of the same level to produce 1 Faction Material. This concept is introduced in Workshop Level 1, where the smelting cost is 10 Atomic Reagent with no Aurorians deployed. The deployment of one Aurorian alternates the cost between 9 and 10 Atomic Reagent, while two deployments stabilize it at 9 Atomic Reagent.

At this level, you can craft White Night Stone, Destiny Champagne I, Battle Archive I, Pine Dew, Rediesel Extract, Ancient Scroll, Tales of Survival, and also have the ability to Dismantle Aurorians at max Breakthrough.

Material Dismantling: A Smart Strategy

Apart from crafting, the Alchemy Stars game also allows for the dismantling of certain materials. For instance, you can gain 1 Firefly per Colossus Patch I, 2 Fireflies per Colossus Patch II, and 4 Fireflies per Colossus Patch III. This feature provides a unique way to replenish some of the resources spent, enhancing the overall efficiency of your gameplay.

The detailed crafting and dismantling strategies, as outlined above, can significantly augment your Alchemy Stars gaming experience, letting you dive deeper into the strategic nuances of this mesmerizing world.

The Ascension to Workshop Level 5 and Beyond

The journey through the Alchemy Stars game doesn’t end at level 4. As the player progresses further, the complexity of crafting and the benefits continue to multiply. Let’s delve into the crafting intricacies and advantages of reaching higher levels.

Faction Materials: Delving Deeper

The production of Faction Materials forms a crucial part of the game strategy. As the workshop level increases, players are granted access to craft superior Faction Materials, offering a higher edge in the game. This production process not only requires advanced resources but also demands a higher quantity of Atomic Reagents. Therefore, strategic deployment of Aurorians becomes increasingly beneficial as it helps reduce the crafting cost.

Maximized Potential with Aurorian Dismantling

An integral aspect of resource optimization in Alchemy Stars is the dismantling of Aurorians, especially at their maximum breakthrough. Dismantling Aurorians at different stages of advancement offers different rewards, typically resulting in gaining essential crafting materials.

The Cycle of Colossus Materials

Just like the dismantling of Aurorians, the game also allows players to dismantle Colossus Materials, turning them into useful resources. For instance, dismantling Colossus Patch I yields 1 Firefly, while Colossus Patch II and III offer 2 and 4 Fireflies respectively. This process adds another layer of strategic depth to resource management, ensuring players make the most out of the materials they acquire.

In Conclusion

The Alchemy Stars game intertwines crafting, upgrading, and dismantling in a perfect blend, offering players numerous avenues to strategize their gameplay. The journey from the initial stages to the highest levels of the Colossus Workshop is filled with opportunities to make astute choices that lead to exponential progress. Hence, understanding the subtleties of the workshop levels, crafting costs, and the benefits of deploying Aurorians is critical in mastering this immersive game.

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