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Delving into Alchemy Stars Recruitment and Limited-Time Recruitment

Alchemy Stars, a popular game, has two significant elements: Recruitment and Limited-Time Recruitment. They form the essence of the gacha system, a primary pathway for players to procure Aurorians. Here’s an in-depth exploration of both components.

A Comprehensive Overview of Recruitments

In the realm of Alchemy Stars, there are five distinct varieties of recruitments:

1. Star Flare Recruitment

Star Flare encompasses various recruitment options:

  • The Exclusive Beginner’s Recruitment: This option is a constant fixture until all 21 pulls have been completed. Notably, it utilizes Lumamber instead of Star Flares.
  • The Mainstay Recruitment: A perennially available recruitment option, it demands one Star Flare for each pull.
  • Rotating Recruitment: Previously recognized as Rotating Recommended Recruitment (RRR), it sporadically becomes available, offering a “rate-up” for featured Aurorians. This means that these Aurorians have an augmented probability of recruitment compared to others in the gacha pool. Each pull in RRR costs one Star Flare.
  • Limited-Time Recruitments: These are temporary recruitments, necessitating Special Star Flares rather than the standard Star Flares. They predominantly showcase new Aurorians on “rate-up” and are exclusive to their banners for a limited duration. Once their unique banner timeframe concludes, they usually integrate into the general pool.
  • Exclusive Recruitment: This recruitment uses Special Star Flares for each pull, highlighting limited-time Aurorians exclusive to their banners, unavailable in other recruitments.

2. Special Star Flare

There is an option to purchase either type of Star Flares at a rate of 300 Lumamber each, either via the recruitment menu or through the Store.

Decoding the Mechanics: The Pity System

In this table, you will find the rates of obtaining Aurorians of different rarities:

Rarity Rate
6★ 2.0%
5★ 9.5%
4★ 33.0%
3★ 55.5%

The initial likelihood of acquiring a 6-Star Aurorian is set at 2%. If one fails to secure a 6-Star Aurorian after 50 consecutive recruitments, the odds increase from 2% to 4.5% for the subsequent attempt. If the recruitment attempt remains unsuccessful, the probability escalates from 4.5% to 7%, and so forth. Each failed attempt to recruit a 6-Star Aurorian sees a 2.5% increment in the chances, peaking at 100%. After securing a 6-Star Aurorian, the odds reset to the initial 2%.

The rates of acquiring a 6-Star Aurorian after a specific number of pulls are as follows:

Pulls Without a 6★ 6★ Rate
1-50 2%
51 4.5%
52 7%
90 100%

Comprehensive Probabilities

All Limited-Time Recruitments, including RRRs, abide by the above-stated rules. Thus, in every Limited-Time Recruitment, failure to secure a 6-Star Aurorian results in an accumulation of your odds. This cumulative probability isn’t reset at the conclusion of the Limited-Time Recruitment, but it carries over to the next one. If several Limited-Time Recruitments are concurrently active, this accumulated probability applies to each collectively.

It’s important to note that the probability boosts of RRRs, the basic Mainstay Recruitment, and Limited-Time Recruitment function independently of one another. For instance, if the odds of recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian from the basic Mainstay Recruitment increase to 7%, this increment will not transfer to any Limited-Time Recruitments, and vice versa.

The Guarantee System: A Safe Bet in Alchemy Stars Recruitment

An upgrade in December 2021 introduced the guarantee system, an essential feature applicable to Exclusive Recruitment, Limited-Time Recruitment, and Rotating Recruitment.

Insights into the Guarantee Mechanism

The guarantee system offers an assurance to the players: if a 6-star Aurorian featured in a recruitment isn’t secured within two consecutive attempts, the next 6-star Aurorian recruited will certainly be the featured one. However, every time the featured 6-star Aurorian is recruited, the guarantee mechanism resets and begins anew.

The Scope of the Guarantee Mechanism

Distinct mechanisms govern the Exclusive, Limited-Time, and Rotating Recruitments, each applying solely to its corresponding recruitment type. They don’t intermingle or influence others. For clarifications regarding whether these mechanisms relate to other recruitment pools in the same period or carry over to future recruitments, players are encouraged to refer to the in-game recruitment information.

Guarantee Mechanism: A Closer Look

If a player fails to obtain the featured 6-star Aurorian in the Limited-Time or Rotating Recruitment within two consecutive attempts, the next 6-star Aurorian they obtain will definitely be the featured one. The mechanism resets and recalculates each time the featured 6-star Aurorian is recruited. Notably, the increased probability for recruitments doesn’t clear at the end of a recruitment, but rolls over to future recruitments. Moreover, when multiple Limited-Time or Rotating Recruitment pools are active simultaneously, the guarantee mechanism triggers in any recruitment pool a player participates in.

Understanding the Concept of Duplicates

When players acquire duplicate Aurorians, they are automatically transmuted into other materials. Players can exchange these materials in the Store to claim other items or Aurorians.

The following table illustrates the additional rewards for obtaining duplicate Aurorians:

Pulled Aurorian Additional Reward 1st Dupe 2nd Dupe 3rd Dupe 4th Dupe 5th & up Dupes
Duplicate 6★ 1 Solamber for that character, 200 universal Heartstones, 20 Stellar Gems 10 Astral Gems 20 Astral Gems 20 Astral Gems 30 Astral Gems 50 Astral Gems
Duplicate 5★ 1 Solamber for that character, 100 universal Heartstones, 5 Stellar Gems 1 Astral Gem 1 Astral Gem 2 Astral Gems 2 Astral Gems 3 Astral Gems
Duplicate 4★ 1 Solamber for that character, 50 universal Heartstones, 25 Star Gems
Duplicate 3★ 50 universal Heartstones, 10 Star Gems

In essence, understanding the mechanisms of Recruitment in Alchemy Stars can significantly enhance a player’s strategy and overall gaming experience.

Delving into Alchemy Stars Recruitment and Limited-Time Recruitment

Exploring the Periodic Limited-Time Recruitment in Alchemy Stars

Limited-Time Recruitments frequently surface within Alchemy Stars, featuring select Aurorians who have a heightened chance of recruitment as compared to other Aurorians in the gacha pool.

An Overview of Limited-Time Recruitment

Limited-Time Recruitment, available intermittently, accepts Special Star Flares for recruitment. Post an update to the Limited-Time Recruitment, players are guaranteed a 5-Star Aurorian within their first 10 recruitments.

The recruitment rates for different rarities of Aurorians are as follows:

Rarity Rate
6★ 2.0%
5★ 9.5%
4★ 33.0%
3★ 55.5%

An Insight into the Pity System

The recruitment starts with an initial 2% probability of landing a 6-Star Aurorian. A failure to recruit a 6-Star Aurorian after 50 attempts increases the odds to 4.5% for the next attempt. This pattern continues, with each unsuccessful recruitment pushing up the probability by 2.5% until it maxes out at 100%. The successful recruitment of a 6-Star Aurorian resets the odds back to 2%.

The probability of recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian based on the number of attempts without one is illustrated in the table below:

Number of Pulls Without a 6-Star Aurorian 6-Star Rate
1-50 2%
51 4.5%
52 7%
90 100%

All Limited-Time Recruitments abide by these rules, meaning a failure to obtain a 6-Star Aurorian sees your odds of doing so increase cumulatively. This accumulated probability doesn’t clear at the conclusion of the Limited-Time Recruitment and rolls over to the subsequent Limited-Time Recruitment. Furthermore, simultaneous activity of multiple Limited-Time Recruitments leads to a shared accumulation of this probability.

It’s important to note that acquiring a 6-Star Aurorian from any time-limited recruitment resets the probability to 2%. Also, the probability boosts of Limited-Time Recruitments and the basic Mainstay Recruitment function independently of each other.

The Guarantee Mechanism in Limited-Time Recruitment

Limited-Time Recruitments come with a guarantee mechanism. If you fail to obtain the featured 6-Star Aurorian with increased probability in two consecutive attempts, the next 6-Star Aurorian you recruit will definitely be the featured one. This guarantee mechanism resets and recalculates every time you recruit a 6-Star Aurorian with increased odds. The accumulated probability doesn’t clear at the conclusion of a Limited-Time Recruitment and rolls over to the next one. Moreover, when multiple Limited-Time Recruitments are active concurrently, they share this guarantee mechanism, meaning any recruitment attempt during this period results in the calculation and reset of the mechanism.

Note that the increased odds and guarantee mechanism of Limited-Time Recruitment are independent of other types of recruitments. The probability boosts and guarantee mechanisms are only applicable within their respective recruitment pools.

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