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Navigating the New Age: An Insightful Guide for Alchemy Stars Beginners

Alchemy Stars, the avant-garde turn-based strategy RPG hailing from Proxima Beta’s inventive game studio, is quickly capturing the attention of mobile gaming enthusiasts worldwide. With a glittering repertoire of mega-successes including PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Chess Rush, the creators of Alchemy Stars have set the stage for this revolutionary game to not only emulate but potentially surpass its predecessors’ fame. Recording well over half a million downloads via Google Play Store barely a month post its launch, Alchemy Stars’ early triumphs are an irresistible lure for strategy RPG aficionados curious about the novelty it brings to the table.

Unraveling the Intricacies of Alchemy Stars

At a casual glance, Alchemy Stars may appear to blend seamlessly into the crowded market of turn-based strategy games inundating the mobile gaming landscape. Yet, upon closer inspection, it becomes glaringly apparent that it stands in a league of its own. Offering a refreshing, albeit recognizable spin on the traditional design and gameplay dynamics of its subgenre, Alchemy Stars presents a wealth of unprecedented experiences to even the seasoned strategy RPG players. The compelling narrative and remarkable character designs are but the enticing façade of a much deeper, captivating gameplay experience.

Embarking on a Magical Journey in Astra

Set off on an enchanting expedition into the mystical world of Astra, where the lines blur between magic and technology. As the sinister creatures known as Eclipsites subjugate all but one of the Caelestrite, you become the beacon of hope for your nearly extinct race. The responsibility falls upon you to banish the Eclipsites and usher in a new dawn for Astra. As you weave your own narrative, you will not be alone – the stalwart Aurorians will join forces with you, accompanying you through each chapter of your odyssey.

The Alchemical Balance: Understanding Alchemy Stars’ Unique Concepts

Brimming with an array of singular concepts and gameplay mechanics, Alchemy Stars is tailored to ensure that each player, regardless of their proficiency or prior experience, embarks on an evenly matched adventure. The game presents an extensive and intricately detailed tutorial that merits thorough perusal. Additionally, a wealth of guidance materializes with every novel feature you unlock. The progressively escalating challenges are designed with a considerate approach to newcomers, allowing all players to enjoy considerable advancement before they confront more formidable hurdles.

Mastering the Art of Strategy in Alchemy Stars

Grasping the foundational concepts and mechanics of Alchemy Stars merely marks the beginning of the learning curve. The vast and intricate strategic elements permeate every facet of your journey, spanning from team-building and analytical elements to unique challenges that lie ahead. If you’re new to the magical world of Alchemy Stars and seeking a head start in your adventure, rest assured that our comprehensive beginner’s guide provides you with all the tools you’ll need to forge a formidable team and vanquish your foes!

Onward and Upward: The Importance of Progression in the Campaign

Stepping into Alchemy Stars’ universe, you begin your adventure by traversing the initial stages of the first campaign episode. With numerous elements to learn and enemies relatively easy to conquer – thanks to the wide array of characters gained from the gacha – this is a vital stage of familiarization.

Delving deeper into Alchemy Stars’ lore and acquainting yourself with its diverse characters isn’t merely an immersive experience. Progressing in exploration is crucial for acquiring the fundamental resources necessary for bolstering your team.

To begin, accomplishing each stage rewards you with the elemental resources needed to enhance and upgrade your Aurorians. Beyond the standard rewards, first-time stage clearance also provides bonus loot.

While star ratings (max of three stars) are determined by clear conditions for each stage, the initial focus should be simply clearing the stage. Previously conquered levels can be revisited, allowing you to achieve higher star ratings and gather additional rewards.

The exploration or main campaign in Alchemy Stars is the exclusive gateway to unlocking the game’s other features. Naturally, you’ll want to unlock all these facets as quickly as possible to maximize rewards.

Energy or stamina constraints limit the number of campaign battles, but you start with a significant surplus. Your goal should be to exhaust this early on, as any overage inhibits replenishment, thereby costing you additional battles and resource gathering opportunities.

Alchemy Stars, akin to most mobile strategy RPGs, features an auto-battle mode. However, you must first clear a stage before this feature can be used there. Engaging manually in every unique level is the optimal strategy for learning, improving, and enhancing your team’s performance.

The Art of Upgrades: Selectivity is Key

One universal strategy applicable to all RPGs with a myriad of characters is resource management. Strengthening a character is always an investment. While you may begin your journey with abundant resources, you will soon realize the impossibility of catering to all your characters’ growth needs.

Given the finite resources, sustaining the needs of all five members of your main team can be a Herculean task, necessitating the minimization of character swaps unless a potentially superior unit is secured. Familiarize yourself with your roster and carefully strategize which heroes will remain in your team long-term and which ones will be replaced as better alternatives emerge.

Increasing a unit’s power in Alchemy Stars begins with leveling up. While units do not earn EXP directly from battles, Jaspers can be consumed to grant your top units EXP. Some types of these resources offer additional EXP to units of a specific element.

A unit begins with a relatively low level cap. Upon reaching the cap, the unit must be ascended to extend its maximum level cap. Ascension requires Nightium (the basic currency) and materials obtainable from the main campaign.

The most daunting yet rewarding enhancement method is the breakthrough, significantly boosting the unit’s stats. Duplicate units from the gacha are converted into Heartstones and character-specific Solambers needed for breakthroughs.

Unit enhancement is further influenced by affinity or a character’s fondness level towards you, their commander. Gifting items to your favorite units increases their affinity levels, in turn unlocking not just new character files but also stat increases. Affinity can also be enhanced by interacting with units deployed within the Colossus.

Navigating the New Age: An Insightful Guide for Alchemy Stars Beginners

Capitalizing on Quests: The Bounty of Extra Rewards

The rewards and resources reaped from each challenge in Alchemy Stars typically ensure the sustainable growth of your primary five units. However, reaching maximum potential for even a single unit will demand repeated gameplay and grinding.

To supplement resource management, it’s vital to leverage the quest feature, providing extra resources for your usual activities. Alchemy Stars offers a series of quests that yield bonus rewards. Although these quests align with your daily activities, it is beneficial to review the quest list and jot down each objective. This targeted, systematic approach facilitates efficient quest completion. You’ll encounter both regular plot quests and time-limited growth quests—the earlier you complete these and claim your rewards, the quicker you’ll progress in your journey.

Plot quests are fundamental, corresponding to the progress you make in the main campaign or exploration. Each plot quest milestone offers basic resources, in addition to the direct loot and clear condition rewards you gain.

Time-limited growth quests, conversely, inspire you to progress across various content and activities in Alchemy Stars’ universe. You’re given 20 days to complete eight days-worth of tasks. From your first sign-in, nine objectives are assigned daily, with three in a row providing rewards. Further rewards are obtainable upon achieving task completion milestones, including Star Flares and a 5-star unit. You can accomplish objectives set on previous days any day within the event’s timeframe.

Maintaining the Colossus: A Vital Routine

Resource accumulation in Alchemy Stars isn’t confined to battling and quest completion. The Colossus, a unique feature of the game and your operational base where your units rest and work, offers additional resources. Although unlocked early on, the Colossus’s different rooms and upgrades are tied to your progression.

Beyond hitting certain milestones to unlock a Colossus room, you’ll also need Lumina to upgrade each one. Some rooms inherently generate basic resources you constantly need—thus, the sooner you unlock them, the better. Remember that resource generation is contingent on the room’s access level, and manual collection is required for rooms to produce more.

Other rooms are intended for Aurorian’s rest and relaxation. Interacting with your Aurorians within the Colossus can boost their affinity. Aurorians also possess work skills that can amplify the effects of specific rooms within the Colossus. Deploy Aurorians to these rooms when possible. Don’t worry—Aurorians stationed in rooms can still join you in battle, so don’t hesitate to house any of your units in your base camp.

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