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Refined Guide on A-Tier Characters in Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Look at 5-Star Powerhouses

In Alchemy Stars, chasing after the elusive 6-star characters might be the endgame, but it is the 5-star characters who serve as the backbone of your lineup for the majority of the time. Converters frequently rank high due to their ability to alter tile colors, resulting in increased damage, Chains, and free mobility for your entire team.

Particularly notable are the map-range cross painters, whose prowess can rival that of the 6-star tile painters. Their focus lies not in tile enhancement or strategic placement, but in sheer tile count, at which they excel. The indispensable role of a paint roller in your team cannot be overemphasized. Luckily for players, the 5-star category boasts a rich selection of tile painters.

A-Tier Character Breakdown


Attributes: Blue/Red, Support, Teleporter, Healer

Philyshy, while lacking in offensive capabilities, excels as a dedicated healer. Her active skill enables her to teleport anywhere and heal the team by 250% of her attack power. She also gains additional healing when teleporting into a crowd. At Ascension 2, she acquires a shield equal to a third of her HP, and Breakthrough 5 further extends the tile range and increases the healing factor. Her specialty weapon, Darkchaser the Rapier, allows her to heal the team at the start of every round, while Ascension 3 raises her attack power as her teammates’ health decreases.


Attributes: Green/Yellow, Sniper, Map-Range Attack, Multi-Target Attack, Healer

Dawn possesses an active skill that deals 200% damage to all enemies on the map, with Ascension 2 allowing her to strike twice if she targets a maximum of two enemies. Her Chain Combo has extensive reach, inflicting damage on enemies within a wide tile square. Her unique weapon, Chime Staff, allows her to heal the team each time she hits marked targets with her active skill or chain combo.


Attributes: Green, Sniper, Multi-Target Heavy Damage, AOE Damage, Enemy Teleport

Cuscuta is a versatile character with a knack for significant AOE damage and tactical enemy displacement. Her active skill lets her target one enemy and inflict hefty damage, with the ability to also control their position. Ascension 3 and her gear unlock additional abilities, like causing a marked target to explode upon death or marking enemies with her chain combo.

Refined Guide on A-Tier Characters in Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Look at 5-Star Powerhouses


Attributes: Blue, Support, Shield, Row Damage, Healer

Noah synergizes well with Blue tile-painters that focus on tile quantity over strategic color arrangement. Her active skill grants shields to allies for each Blue tile on the field. Her chain combo can damage up to three rows of enemies, and her gear allows her to convert remaining shields into health.


Attributes: Yellow, Sniper, Map-range Damage, Asterisk AOE Damage

Schwartz’s active skill unleashes a map-wide attack with additional damage based on the enemy’s current HP. His chain combo reaches far and wide, and his gear, the Sovereign’s Blade, boosts his defense and attack for every deployed character from Lumopolis or any Yellow character.


Attributes: Blue/Red, Support, Team Buffer, AOE Damage

Hydrad, a buffer for Blue teams, possesses an active skill that allows Blue teammates to activate their Chain Combos twice in the round it’s used. His chain combo has a medium AOE, and his gear, Shadow Wolf Elixir, offers unique offensive capabilities.


Attributes: Red/Blue, Support, Asterisk AOE Damage

Istvan’s abilities mirror Hydrad’s, but cater to Red teams instead. His Shepherd’s Staff causes his chain combo to inflict a 5% attack debuff on enemies.


Attributes: Green, Support, Buffer, AOE Damage

Louise allows Green team members to trigger their chain combos twice. Her Prophecy and Fairy Tale gear convert her into a healer, enabling her to heal the team each time Aurora Time is triggered.

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