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Reframing Alchemy Stars Tier List: A Comprehensive Examination of 5-Star C Tier Characters

Navigating through the intricate world of Alchemy Stars, the ultimate aspiration remains securing 6-star characters. However, the reality of the game implies relying significantly on 5-star characters for the major part of the gameplay. In this context, Converters, due to their potential for increasing the tile count of a desired color, thereby amplifying damage, typically top the list. They also enhance Chains and facilitate unrestricted movement for the rest of the team.

Embracing the Proficiency of Map-Range Cross Painters

Notably, among these 5-star characters, several map-range cross painters hold their ground, even in comparison to six-star tile painters. The latter are more inclined towards improving tiles and strategic positioning rather than expanding the sheer tile count. This is where the 5-star painters come into their own. The importance of having a paint roller in your team is truly indispensable. Fortunately for players, the S tier is expansive, offering a considerable number of tile painters.

Unveiling the C Tier Characters

Dayna: The Back-Alley Specialist

Characterized by Yellow/Green attributes, Dayna is a Detonator specializing in Columnar AOE Damage and Tile Painting. Her expertise lies in orchestrating back-alley maneuverings and orchestrating electrocution. Her swift-charging Active Skill yields a relatively compact Area of Effect (AOE), roughly equivalent to that of Chain Combos, initiating with a 9 tile square and reaching a maximum of a 13 tile diamond based on Ascensions. It inflicts 250% damage, and paints an enemy tile Yellow at Breakthrough 2.

Her Chain Combo takes the form of a columnar assault, causing 130-145% damage to a column 1-3 tiles wide. With her Razor’s Edge knives, she can support the team at Ascension 3, transforming its self buff into a team buff that enables the entire team to inflict an additional 5% damage to all enemies located on Yellow tiles. As a support, tile painter, and AOE damage dealer, she displays versatility across diverse scenarios, but a more specialized character could potentially yield better results. After all, your team has room for five characters.

Leona: The Sniper with a Punch

Leona, a Red Sniper, delivers a hard hit and detests individuals lingering next to Red tiles, albeit with questionable accuracy. Her Active Skill targets random enemies five times, inflicting 90% damage per strike, and the damage increases for every Red tile in proximity. While this proves beneficial when paired with a Red tile painter, the unpredictable targeting reduces her effectiveness, particularly in the face of characters boasting proper AOE attacks.

Her Chain Combo is quite straightforward, with a minimal AOE, progressing from a 9 tile square to a 16 tile asterisk, with damage ranging between 150-170%. The simplicity extends to her gear as well, with the Nibelung’s Ring enhancing her normal attacks, adding a 75% chance to execute a Red Dragon Attack, which inflicts 50% of her normal attack’s damage. Upon reaching Ascension 2, it also imposes a Burning stack on the victim for two rounds.

C Tier Characters

Regina: The Flashy Rocker

Regina, a Red/Yellow Detonator, is fond of spectacular shows, yet her tendency towards excessive flash and limited speed can be somewhat frustrating. Her Active Skill generates a massive explosion across the map, dealing 350% damage and knockback to all enemies, but the charging period is painstakingly slow. Moreover, she only possesses two levels of Chain combo, contrary to the usual three, inflicting a meager 105-110% damage to 1-3 columns. For a skill that requires a 5 tile cost, this is disappointingly inadequate.

Upon acquiring her Electric Guitar, her Chain Combos can inflict up to an additional 100% damage, hitting closer targets harder. However, beyond 3 tiles, there is no bonus at all. At Ascension 2, the bonus range marginally increases, transforming into a 49 tile square. This might sound impressive, but given her maximum attack width of 3 columns, it merely adds 6 extra tiles to her bonus range. Without her gear, Regina’s impact is minimal and she remains a bit challenging to handle.

Robyn: The Detonator with a Reach

Robyn, a Green/Yellow Detonator, possesses an Active Skill that allows her to target any area across the map, inflicting 250% damage to an area ranging from a 9 tile square to a 13 tile diamond based on Ascension. At Breakthrough 2, it also enhances an enemy tile. Despite the average cooldown and underwhelming coverage, better tile enhancers are available.

Her Chain Combo is quite standard, dealing 150-175% damage to an area, beginning with a 12 tile diamond and culminating in a 25 tile square depending on the combo length. Robyn’s Straight Pipe gear increases her damage by 5% against any adversaries located on Green tiles. At Ascension 2, this benefit extends to everyone.

Vice: The Multi-Target Attacker

Vice, the face of Alchemy Stars and the tutorial girl, is a Blue/Yellow Sniper known for her multi-target attacks. An archer with a penchant for scatter-shot strategy, players often hope she targets someone significant. Her Active Skill strikes a random set of enemies five times for 80% damage, and each target next to a Blue tile is hit an additional time. Her Chain Combo inflicts 140% damage to 2-4 nearby adversaries.

Upon obtaining her Longbow: Focused Rain, she earns Locking Marks each time she hits someone. Her damage increases by 2% for every stack, but this is cleared at the end of each round, usually resulting in her final blow being the most damaging. At Ascension 3, these stacks also amplify her Chain Combo’s damage by 4%. If only she could offer the option to select her targets.

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