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Reimagining Alchemy Stars: A Comprehensive Examination of 5-Star S Tier Characters

Despite the fact that acquiring 6-star characters is often a game-end objective, 5-star characters provide the backbone of your gameplay for a significant duration. It is no surprise that Converters usually appear high on the tier list – the greater the quantity of your preferred color tiles, the greater the damage dealt. This ultimately facilitates Chains and unrestricted movement for every member of your team.

In particular, several cross painters with full map-range deserve special recognition, even amidst the 6-star tile painters. These characters often concentrate on boosting tiles and tactically positioning themselves, as opposed to merely accumulating tiles, a domain where certain 5-star painters are superior. The criticality of a paint roller within your team cannot be overstated. Fortunately for the player, the S tier exhibits the most diversity, given that it includes a substantial number of tile painters.

Characters in the S Tier

Odi: The Toxic Debuffer

A 5-star character with the Green element, Odi boasts a comprehensive toolkit including Support, Map-Range AOE and Debuff, Column Damage, and Poison. The indiscriminate nature of her debuff abilities shines through her AOE Active Skill. It begins with a 49 tile AOE, dealing 400% damage and a Slow debuff. Upon reaching Ascension 2, it inflicts two stacks of Poison. After 5 Breakthroughs, her attack expands to encompass the entire map. Even her Chain Combo leaves a poisonous sting, dealing 120-140% damage across 1-3 rows.

Pact: The Green’s Best Friend and Red’s Foe

Pact, possessing both Green and Red elements, serves as a Converter and Tile Painter. Despite her sub-element being Red, she isn’t the best ally for Red teammates, whereas Green characters find her immensely beneficial. Her Active skill transforms the nearest 4 Red tiles into Green. This number increases with Breakthroughs and Ascensions, allowing for a total transformation of up to 6 tiles.

Mia: The Aggressive Sniper

Mia, a Yellow/Red character, serves as a Sniper and specializes in Map-range Bullying, Multi-Target Damage, and Spammer. Her Active Skill encompasses the entire map, dealing 200-250% damage (depending on Breakthroughs) to enemies. Additionally, the damage amplifies as the health of her victims depletes.

Maggie: The Shy Explosive Expert

A Red Converter, Maggie embodies a paradoxical mix of shyness, timidity, and explosive power. Her Active Skill paints a cross of Red tiles across the map, damaging enemies caught within the area.

Barbara: The Singsong Slayer

The diminutive idol Barbara, despite being a Red Support character, harbors a decidedly lethal set of skills aimed at eliminating large numbers of enemies at once. Her abilities become especially potent when paired with a Red tile painter.

Barton: The War Monger

Barton, a Blue/Yellow Converter, has a Cross AOE Damage skillset, perfectly suiting his fondness for war. His Active Skill transforms tiles into Blue while knocking back enemies with considerable damage.

Beverly: The Affluent Ally

Beverly, a Yellow Converter, with her skills in Cross Damage and Tile Painting, is a cherished ally to all Yellow characters while being an insufferable snob to Red ones. She turns the nearest Red tiles to Yellow, causing more damage to opponents with her Thunder Spear.

Faust: The Charming Tactician

Faust, a Red/Blue Converter, exudes charisma and intelligence. His skillset mirrors Beverly’s, albeit with a twist. He turns Yellow tiles to Red, dealing damage and inflicting fear on his opponents.

Reimagining Alchemy Stars

The captivating universe of Alchemy Stars offers a plethora of unique and powerful 5-star characters. These characters are not just placeholders until you acquire your 6-star characters; they form a vital part of your journey and can significantly influence your success in the game. As you continue to navigate the vibrant land of Astra, remember that understanding each character’s strength and weaknesses can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Kleken: The Terrifying Tile Painter

Kleken, a Blue Converter, stands out as a straightforward tile painter until he acquires his gear. His Active Skill changes 4-5 of the nearest Green tiles to Blue, depending on the Breakthrough count. He further transforms a Green tile into Blue if he has readied his skill for a turn. His Ascension 3 allows him to generate a pair of enhanced tiles.

Kleken’s Chain Combo is a 155-165% damage AOE attack, morphing from an 8 tile cross to a map-range asterisk, depending on the combo length. His Illusory Tentacle gives his Chain Combo the ability to inflict Fright for a round on any enemy at 80% or below HP adjacent to him in a 4 tile cross. The tentacle’s power escalates with Ascension 2, as eliminating a Frightened enemy instills fear in the enemy’s allies in a small cross pattern.

Corax: The Frosty Surgeon

Corax, a Blue/Green Detonator, doubles as an AOE Heavy Damage dealer and a Teleporter. As a former surgeon, Corax knows the precise points to strike for a sure kill. His Active Skill enables him to teleport anywhere, damaging anything located in a rectangle between his starting point and destination. His Arctic Scalpel turns his normal attacks into two strikes, dealing 60% damage each, with a chance to cause an additional 50% damage per blow.

Nemesis: The Yellow Converter

Nemesis, a Yellow Converter, wields a map-ranged cross tile painting Active Skill, which transforms tiles into Yellow while dealing 450% damage and some knockback. Her Blade of Judgement: Justice weapon equips her with Judgement Marks, which amplify her defense by 10% each.

Sikare: The Green Cross Painter

Sikare, a Green/Red Converter, paints her cross Green with the usual 450% damage and knockback. However, her Chain Combo is unremarkable, dealing a mere 120% damage to 2-4 nearby enemies. Her item, Faria the Black Box, activates the first time she attacks. It allows her to deal an additional 100% damage, and at Ascension 3, adds a defense-ignoring 5% based on the target’s current HP.

The diverse range of 5-star characters in Alchemy Stars allows players to build versatile teams. From the frightening tile painter, Kleken, to the icy surgeon, Corax, each character brings unique strengths to the team. By understanding each character’s abilities, players can enhance their strategy, taking advantage of each character’s strengths to conquer the vibrant land of Astra.

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