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The Mysteries of Alchemy Stars’ Secret Territory

Unveiling the Majestic Secret Territory

The colossal Secret Territory stands as the largest known habitat for the enigmatic Eclipsites and doubles as a gargantuan ancient ruin. It offers a plethora of hidden treasures and echoes of knowledge from a bygone era, making it a place of perilous adventure and boundless opportunity.

The Unchanging Cycle of the Secret Territory

The temporal rhythm of the Secret Territory is like a finely tuned clock, resetting its course every Thursday at 05:00 server time. This weekly reset leads to an erasure of exploration progress, while relics discovered are transformed into Text Fragments. Moreover, any unused Magic Stamina (MS) is converted into Text Fragments. Hence, each new week presents a fresh opportunity to embark on this thrilling journey.

Navigating the Secret Store and Item Hierarchy

As explorers advance through the Secret Territory, they receive Text Fragments as a token of their achievement. These fragments can then be utilized as currency to acquire items at the Secret Store. The quantity of these Text Fragments varies and depends on the level of your Exploration Colossus facility.

Considering the diversity of the items, the suggested order of acquisitions is as follows:

  1. Star Flare
  2. Recharger Pack
  3. Furniture – Essential until your Colossus Mood hits the 10,000 mark. A higher mood improves the quality of gifts received from your Aurorians and visiting friends’ Aurorians.
  4. Gift items – These provide additional stats to the gifted Aurorians and unlock new files and dialogues.

Bear in mind that the Secret Store itself also resets weekly.

Deeper into the Levels and Nodes of the Secret Territory

The structure of the Secret Territory comprises five distinct levels, each possessing multiple diverging paths from the initial node to the Origin Room (the Boss Room). To move up a level, explorers must defeat the boss. The exploration ends for the week after overcoming the level 5 boss.

Powering the Adventure: The Role of Stamina

Stamina, specifically referred to as “MS” in this realm, is vital for exploration. Each standard round consumes one MS, with exceptions made during an Aurora Time. Recovery of MS can be achieved through the Exploration facility of the Colossus or via Lumina Spring nodes.

At the time of the weekly reset, any remaining MS is converted into Text Fragments, making it possible to amass additional fragments in the mailbox found on the main menu—5 Text Fragments for each MS.

Understanding the Role of Aurorians

In the Secret Territory, all Aurorians operate with fixed attribute values. However, enhancements and skills derived from Ascension and Breakthrough remain in effect. Select relics can further augment Aurorian attributes and passives.

Importantly, Aurorians deployed in the Secret Territory distribute the damage equally. If an Aurorian’s HP drops to 0, they cannot return to the battlefield unless revived at a Lumina Spring node.

The Art of Battle in Secret Territory

In an unfortunate event of a lost battle, where all your Aurorians reach 0HP, the enemies’ HP is recorded. This allows for a renewed challenge to the stage with a different formation. However, note that Aurorians cannot return to the battlefield if their HP drops to 0 unless revived.

Exiting the stage voluntarily, on the other hand, results in a complete reset, with only 1 MS consumed.

Different Nodes of the Secret Territory

The various nodes include General Area, Dangerous Area, Lumina Spring, Special Area, Relic Warehouse, Scrounger, and Lethal Area, each with unique characteristics and rewards. Detailed reward distribution across different nodes and levels is tabulated below.

Node Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
General Area 220 Text Fragment, 5 MS 235 Text Fragment, 7 MS 245 Text Fragment, 8 MS 255 Text Fragment, 9 MS 265 Text Fragment, 10 MS
Dangerous Area 290 Text Fragment, 8 MS 305 Text Fragment, 9 MS 315 Text Fragment, 10 MS 330 Text Fragment, 12 MS 345 Text Fragment, 15 MS
Special Area 400 Text Fragment, 3000 Nightium, 6 MS 485 Text Fragment, 5000 Nightium, 6 MS
Relic Warehouse 10 Lumamber, 350 Text Fragment, 6 MS 15 Lumamber, 380 Text Fragment, 6 MS
Scrounger 30 Lumamber, 400 Text Fragment, 6 MS
Lethal Area 1100 Text Fragment 1155 Text Fragment 1210 Text Fragment

The journey into the Secret Territory is indeed a venture of risk and rewards, where every step might lead to unprecedented challenges and hidden treasures. Stay prepared and embark on this exhilarating expedition!

Intricate Area Characteristics

Area characteristics introduce a dynamic element to the exploration of the Secret Territory. Each characteristic has a unique effect on the Aurorians or the Eclipsites, leading to a more challenging and engaging journey.

For instance, ‘Blasphemous Touch’ makes Eclipsites administer a stack of Poisoned with each attack. ‘Into the Madness’ inflicts a constant drain on the Aurorians, reducing their HP by 5% every round. Meanwhile, ‘Lightless Night’ forbids any healing during the battle, significantly upping the difficulty. ‘Turbulent Vortex’ adds a touch of unpredictability, refreshing the colors of all Tiles in the room each round.

Such characteristics, alongside others, add a complex layer to the gameplay, making every exploration an exhilarating challenge.

Here is a brief overview of the effects of various area characteristics:

Area Characteristics Effect
Blasphemous Touch Eclipsites inflict 1 stack of Poisoned upon attack.
Blocking Elimination Support Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Bloodthirsty Eclipsites absorb 25% of Damage dealt as HP upon attack.
Bounded Lightning Thunder Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Condensed Disillusionment Converter and Sniper Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Creator’s Grace Eclipsites gain immunity to all debuffs.
Darkness Blessing All Eclipsites gain 3 rounds of Shield at the start of the game.
Darkness Instinct Eclipsites gain a permanent Frightened state, increasing their HP by 50% at the start of battle.
Deadly Quagmire Eclipsites extend the cooldown of a random Aurorian’s Active Skill for 1 round upon attack.
Echoes of Wails Upon death, Eclipsites reduce ATK of the player’s team by 10% for 3 rounds.
Evaporative Bombs Water Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Fool’s Strike Converter Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Frenzied Desperation All Eclipsites ATK +3% every round, can be triggered 5 times max.
Hell Walker Small Eclipsites leave flaming traps in their paths.
Incinerated Woods Forest Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Into the Madness Aurorians lose 5% HP per round.
Lethal Damage All Eclipsites ATK +10%.
Lightless Night Aurorians cannot be healed during this battle.
Massacre Target Sniper Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Shadowy Demise Upon death, Eclipsites randomly generate a summoning rune on the map.
Shattering Spells Detonator Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Smothered Flames Fire Aurorians take 25% more damage.
Tides of Horror Upon death, Eclipsites cause an explosion within 1 surrounding cluster.
Turbulent Vortex Refresh the colors of all Tiles in the room every round.
Ultrafast Reflex Eclipsites’ movement distance +100%.
Vengeance Upon death, Eclipsites increase ATK of the remaining Eclipsites by 15%.
Wild Growth All Eclipsites HP +10%.

Harnessing the Power of Relics

Relics stand as powerful assets in the Secret Territory, each with a unique effect that can significantly alter the course of exploration. The rarity of a relic, classified as S, A, or B, is a testament to its power.

An S-class relic, like the ‘Armor of Bless,’ ensures that a single attack on a Converter Aurorian wearing the relic cannot exceed 25% of their max HP. ‘Kaleidogem,’ another S-class relic, transforms four out of eight adjacent tiles randomly into chromatic tiles at the start of a match.

In contrast, A-class relics like ‘Floating Forestwrath’ hover around an Aurorian, dealing one Forest damage when the captain attacks. The ‘Hand of God’ bestows Detonator Aurorians with a 30% damage boost to Eclipsites with debuffs.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

B-class relics, such as the ‘Healing Candle,’ enable a random surviving Aurorian in the team to regenerate 10% HP after winning a battle. The ‘Lumina Armor’ increases the max HP by 5% for all Aurorians, providing a critical survivability boost.

The right combination of these relics can drastically enhance an explorer’s chances of success, making them a crucial part of the Secret Territory journey.

Below is the table containing all the different relics with their rarity and effects:

Relic Rarity Effect
Armor of Bless S Damage from a single attack dealt to a Converter Aurorian wearing the relic can never exceed 25% of max HP.
Daylight Goggles S Support Aurorians’ normal attacks inflict Blindness on Eclipsites and a 30% chance of missing when attacking.
Death Note S Inflicts Wounded and deals 3% damage per tile moved to all Eclipsites when a match begins.
Double Echoes S There’s a 30% chance that a Sniper Aurorian will release an additional Chain Combo.
Falling Sakura S Normal attack combos in multiples of 5 deal one explosion damage.
Heart of the Secret Territory S Returns an Aurorian to life at 50% of HP after killed (only for the first Aurorian to receive lethal damage in a battle).
Kaleidogem S 4 of 8 adjacent tiles randomly become chromatic when a match begins.
Lumina Shield S Support Aurorians’ excess Healing converts to Shield for one round on one level.
Mirror Image S Generates an image of the Detonator Aurorian releasing skills at the starting spot, while releasing Chain Combo.
Shatterboots S Leaves a bomb where your movement started that detonates following your and your allies’ actions.
Silent Death S Kill Eclipsites under 10% HP.
Stun Crystal S 50% chance of unleashing a shockwave that stuns all enemies for one round in every battle.
Thunderstriker S When a match starts, 10 random 2×2 tiles are struck by lightning that deals static damage. Aurorians are unaffected.
Ultimate Piercer S Sniper Aurorians’ normal attacks eliminate any Shield an Eclipsite has.
Floating Forestwrath A Hovers around an Aurorian and deals one Forest damage when the captain attacks.
Floating Icer A Hovers around an Aurorian and deals one Water damage when the captain attacks.
Floating Scorcher A Hovers around an Aurorian and deals one Fire damage when the captain attacks.
Floating Thunder A Hovers around an Aurorian and deals one Thunder damage when the captain attacks.
Goddess of Mercy A Reload a bandage on the field when a battle begins.
Hand of God A Detonator Aurorians +30% damage to Eclipsites with debuffs.
Kingslayer A Detonator Aurorians +10% ATK in Root Area.
Lance of Radiance A Reduces 1 cooldown round for Converter Aurorians after killing a large Eclipsite.
Lucky Coin A -1 cooldown for any incomplete Converter Aurorian Active Skill when a match begins.
Magic Lumina Box A Lumina Spring regenerates additional 5 MS.
Paralyzer A Delay escape rounds for Scroungers by 3 rounds.
Pestilence A Every Eclipsite round, poisoned Eclipsites inflict Poison on Eclipsites in 8 adjacent tiles.
Poisonlink Mask A Support Aurorians regenerate 20% of poison damage in HP every time Poison is triggered on a Poisoned Eclipsite.
Ragnarok A Detonator Aurorians gain damage bonus equal to 10% of HP loss when attacking.
Reaper’s Glare A Deal 1 level of Poison to all enemies when a Poisoned Eclipsite dies.
Rebel Yell A Sniper Aurorians +30% damage when team is affected by debuff.
Retribution A Detonator Aurorians +5% damage bonus every time damage is taken (reset at end of battle).
Shield of Radiance A Aurorian with the least HP regenerates 20% HP after a large Eclipsite is killed.
Silvermoon Bow A Inflicts Slow on all small monsters.
Silvermoon Machete A -10% initial HP of all small monsters.
Silvermoon Shield A -10% ATK of all small monsters.
Sleeping Bag A +1 character recovered by Lumina Spring.
Sol Glory A +20% damage for all Sniper Aurorians with more than 80% HP.
Soulreaper A A random surviving Aurorian in the team regenerates 10% HP every time an Eclipsite is killed.
Sword of Radiance A Sniper Aurorians +20% ATK when killing a large Eclipsite.
Wallbreaker A Detonator Aurorians +10% ATK in Dangerous Area.
Absorbent Paint B Support Aurorians +25% regeneration effects from Chain Combos and Active Skills in battle.
Blue 7-Star Stone B +5% ATK for Water Aurorians.
Green 7-Star Stone B +5% ATK for Forest Aurorians.
Healing Candle B A random surviving Aurorian in the team regenerates 10% HP after winning a battle.
Keen Blade B Detonator Aurorians +15% chance for normal attack to deal 150% damage.
Lumina Armor B Increases max HP by 5% for all Aurorians.
Lumina Armor (Sniper) B Increases max HP by 7% for all Aurorian Snipers.
Lumina Armor (Supporter) B Increases max HP by 7% for all Aurorian Supporters.
Old Manuscript B Sniper Aurorians +5% element counter effect.
Red 7-Star Stone B +5% ATK for Fire Aurorians.
Resonance Badge B Detonator Aurorians +30% Chain Combo damage when connecting 15+ tiles.
Sun Shield B A random surviving Aurorian in the team gets a 1.5% stackable damage reduction after winning a battle, until the end of this Secret Territory Exploration.
White-light Blade B Increases ATK by 1.5% for Aurorian Snipers and Detonators after every victory, up to 15%.
Yellow 7-Star Stone B +5% ATK for Thunder Aurorians.

Every relic and area characteristic brings a unique twist to the Secret Territory exploration, creating a thrilling and diverse adventure for every player.

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