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Understanding Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Look into the Game’s Currency and Event Currency

The Alchemical Currency Landscape

In the vast universe of Alchemy Stars, a multiplicity of currencies await the adventurous player. Each coin and gem type possesses unique significance, serving specific functions within the game.

Nightium: The Game’s Standard Currency

Nightium, regarded as the standard currency of the game, holds a pivotal role in the player’s journey. It acts as the backbone of various in-game progressions. Primarily, it caters to leveling up Aurorians, ascending these mystical beings, and upgrading their equipment. Additionally, it offers players the option to make purchases under the ‘Mystery → Black Market’ tab in the Store.

Lumamber: Your Daily Reward and More

Lumamber, another vital currency within the game, is primarily obtained through daily quests, event participation, initial stage completions, and achievement fulfillments, among other avenues. Lumamber enables recruitment processes, Star Flare or Special Star Flare purchases under the ‘Redeem → Lumamber Store’ tab, and Prism recovery during Prism acquisition attempts.

Lumocrystal: The Paid Currency

Next up, Lumocrystal, a form of paid currency, can be purchased under the ‘Recharge’ tab in the Store or when certain store purchases necessitate it. Primarily, Lumocrystal facilitates the acquisition of coveted Aurorian Outfits.

Special Star Flare and Star Flare: The Recruitment Facilitators

Special Star Flare and Star Flare, unique types of currency, primarily serve recruitment purposes. These currencies can be acquired by completing specific stages, the Special Event Book, Lumamber exchanges, and various Store sections.

Specifically, Special Star Flare is applicable for Limited-Time Recruitment, while Star Flare provides access to Rotating Recruitment, Mainstay Recruitment, and Exclusive Beginner’s Recruitment.

Star Gem and Stellar Gem: Rewards for Duplicates

Star Gems and Stellar Gems are special currencies rewarded when players obtain duplicate 4-Star and 3-Star Aurorians, and 6-Star and 5-Star Aurorians, respectively. The Starlight Chamber, a room on the Colossus, provides an alternative source for Star Gems. Once upgraded to Level 5, the Starlight Chamber generates Star Gems along with Heartstones.

Under the ‘Redeem → Star Gem Store’ tab, Star Gems can purchase Special Star Flare, Star Flare, Jasper, and Nightium. On the other hand, Stellar Gems, accessible under the ‘Redeem → Star Store’ tab, can purchase Star Crest, a rotating selection of 5-Star Aurorians and their respective Solamber, Special Star Flare, Star Flare, and gifts to elevate Affinity.

Text Fragment: Rewards from Secret Territory

Finally, Text Fragments, another unique form of currency, are acquired upon completion of stages in the Secret Territory. Any remaining MS by the weekly Secret Territory reset is also converted into Text Fragments. These can be used to purchase Star Flare, Recharger Packs, Affinity-raising gifts, and Colossus decor under the ‘Mystery → Secret Store’ tab.

Indeed, understanding and effectively managing these various currencies can greatly enhance your Alchemy Stars experience, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable journey through this enigmatic universe.

A Glimpse into Alchemy Stars’ Event Currency

In addition to the standard currency, Alchemy Stars also hosts various events that introduce unique currencies. These exclusive currencies are only available for the duration of the corresponding event.

Alchemy Stars Calculator

Below are the 13 distinctive event currencies, providing a brief description and their respective source event:

Icon Name Description Source Event
Wrench Nut Emblem A small badge, symbolizing desert acknowledgement, crafted by Rediesel Wrench members using a modified nut. Eye of the Storm
Cloud Blossom Petals Special event item associated with unlocking Hiiro’s exclusive storyline during the Daruma Smash draw event. Believed to bring good luck by Cloud Mountain residents. Cloud Blossom Destiny
Dinner Plates Dragon Maid’s Break item used for prize drawing in Tohru’s Kitchen. Signifies a hot meal ready to be served. Dragon Maid’s Break
Ancient Coin A coin exuding a touch of antiquity, unlike the modern coins. Maiden and the Ruins
Mistletoe A rare mistletoe fruit, symbolizing hope and abundance in Northland. Used to exchange for gifts at the Cedar Market. Sands of Time
Renown Aurora Aeterna event item. Upon accumulation, it allows for the reception of Scala Gloriari rewards. Aurora Aeterna
Prinny Voucher A gift voucher exchangeable for special gifts at the Tir’ Hotel’s reception desk. The seal on it resembles the portrait of the hotel’s general manager. Ocean Sovereign
Contribution Points After completing quests in the Special Event Book, players earn Umbraton Contribution Points, unlocking various rewards. Special Event Book
Underground Arena Honor Earned through enduring combat and demonstrating might in the Underground Arena. Allows your name to resound through Umbraton. Gloom of the Night
Fame An honor token for explorers and adventurers, obtained through arduous efforts or overcoming great adversity. Maiden and the Ruins NEO
Union Snacks A small badge by Rediesel Wrench members, symbolizing desert acknowledgement. Letter from the Skies
Mirror Stone Exclusive Fluffy Serendipity’s Wishing Mirror item. It lets you make a wish and is converted into 100 Lumamber once the event ends. Fluffy Serendipity
Cloud Island Letter A paper of blessings written during the festival by Cloud Islanders, wishing for happiness for the year. Scarlet Amulet of Fate

With each event, a unique form of currency enters the game, adding a fresh dimension to the Alchemy Stars experience. Mastering these event-specific currencies can indeed prove beneficial for your journey in the enchanting universe of Alchemy Stars.

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