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Unveiling Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Analysis of the 5 Star B Tiers Characters

Certainly, while the 6-star characters are the coveted ultimate prize, the true workhorses of the game are often the 5-star characters. They are the steadfast backbones, the ones you’ll find yourself relying on for a large portion of the gameplay. As expected, Converters generally hold a high rank on the roster – after all, a greater number of desired color tiles equals increased damage, facilitating Chains and free movement for the rest of the team.

Notably, the multi-range cross painters particularly shine in this category. These characters can confidently stand their ground, even when compared to six-star tile painters whose strategies typically lean more towards tile enhancement and tactical placement, rather than maximizing tile counts. In fact, some 5-star painters outperform their 6-star counterparts in this regard. The importance of having a tile painter on your team cannot be overstated. For players’ relief, 5-star characters offer the broadest array of tile painters.

B Tier Characters


Red/Green, Detonator, Artillery, Row Damage

Taki, the red/green detonator, often behaves more like a sniper in terms of ability. His Active Skill allows him to launch fire at a tile, causing a cross-shaped explosion and dealing a significant 400% damage to the center, with an additional 80% damage dealt by the splash. Upon reaching Breakthrough 2, he paints the tile Red and enhances it, and at Ascension 2, he burns his victims.

His Chain Combo executes a basic row attack, varying from 1-3 rows thick and inflicting 130-145% damage. His unique attribute, Serrated Blade: Ender For All, applies a Burn mark to the opponent with the highest HP percentage at the start of a round, allowing Taki to deal an extra 10% damage. With Ascension 3, every kill on a Burn-marked target boosts his ATK by 3%, up to a maximum of 15%.


Yellow/Blue, Support, Cross AOE Damage, Row Damage

Bonacie’s Active Skill lets her launch an attack in a designated direction, pushing every single tile opponent in that direction, and dealing a hefty 250% damage across the entire board. If there are only two enemies left, she doublecasts this at Ascension 3. Her Chain is a basic row attack, ranging from 1-3 tiles thick and inflicting 130-145% damage, which comes with a high cost.

She transitions into a proper support role upon acquiring her Celestial Band, which provides her with a Divine mark at the start of a battle or when using an Active. This Divine mark boosts her DEF by a staggering 120% for a single blow before it disappears when she takes a hit. At Ascension 2, this mark also offers Yellow teammates a 10% damage increase.

Benny and Curo

Red/Green, AOE Damage, Heavy Damage

Benny and Curo, inseparable companions, are treated as a single character in gameplay. Their Active Skill allows them to mark a tile. When planning this, keep in mind the Chain Combo’s AOE Рwalking double the number of tiles needed for a Chain Combo causes the Chain Combo to drop not only where you land, but also on the marked tile.

The Chain Combo itself has a slightly smaller AOE than usual to match its shorter walk distance requirement, starting with a 9 tile square and ending with a 17 tile asterisk, with damage ranging from 140-155%. Equipping Benny with Firelash guns and Curo with the Lightspeed sword allows their normal attacks to deal an additional 60% damage to enemies on Red tiles. Although challenging to use, they can deliver heavy blows under the right circumstances.

Unveiling Alchemy Stars: An In-depth Analysis of the 5 Star B Tiers Characters

Keating (And her buddies)

Yellow, Support, Taunt, Debuffer

Keating and her friends are a testament to the harsh realities of playground politics. Most of their attacks involve some form of taunting or mockery. Their Active Skill involves placing a clone on a tile who then jeers at the enemy, attracting their attention in a 49 tile square around it. If an enemy accumulates 5 Laughter Marks, they are slowed for 2 rounds.

Upon reaching Breakthrough 5, it only takes 4 marks to slow an enemy, and 6 marks can paralyze them for a round. Laughter Marks are inflicted via their Chain Combo, which targets them. They select up to 3 targets within a 49 tile square, inflicting 120-155% damage, and applying 1-3 Laughter marks up to a maximum of 8 per target.

With Ascension 2, the Laughter Marks also amplify the damage of their Chain combo. Once they acquire the Scroll of Chanting, they empower other Yellow units to deal 1 extra damage with their normal attacks for every mark on the target. At 3 Ascensions, if a marked target is killed, 1 extra mark is applied to every enemy on the map. Pair these jokesters with a targeted AOE damage dealer (or anyone with a powerful AOE Chain Combo) for a delightful strategic advantage.


Yellow/Blue, Sniper, AOE Damage, Multi-Target Damage, Buffer

Vivian, a rather indiscriminate sniper, possesses an Active Skill intriguingly called Defensive Counterstrike. Despite the name, it’s a 320% damage AOE attack that starts with a 49 tile square, but covers the whole map at Breakthrough 5.

At Ascension 2, it also reduces the cost of Yellow units’ Chain combos by a tile. She has the ability to paint one enemy tile Yellow, but there are superior options for tile painting. Her Chain Combo targets 3-5 enemies within a 49 tile square, dealing 140-170% damage.

Oddly enough, she feels no need for a lead apron for her Radium Rapier, which allows her to boost her Yellow teammates with 6% of her own ATK for a round whenever her Chains hit all enemies. Coupled with her expensive Chain, it can be challenging to obtain the buff unless the enemy force is quite small.

At Ascension 3, she extends this effect to Blue units and anyone from the Illumina Federation, and it lasts for 2 rounds.

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